Bike 1.10 (113-118)

  • Fixed typewriter mode to reset top margin on exit

Previously in 1.10:

  • Added support for capture groups in find/replace
  • Removed top margin scaling behavior setting
  • Fix animation when entering typewriter mode
  • Fix animation flashing when inserting new rows
  • Added extra margin in typewriter mode
  • Added enable top margin scaling setting
  • Fixed enable font scaling checkbox state display
  • Fixed disable text input in outline mode
  • Fixed find count display when searching
  • Added Edit > Copy > Copy Displayed
  • Added preference to disable font scaling
  • Fixed to not animate handle when animations disabled
  • Fixed build to reduce application disk image size
  • Fixed print colors to be black on white
  • Fixed icon thumbnail colors to be black on white
  • Quicklook previews should follow system setting
  • Added Printing
  • Added Icon previews in Finder
  • Added Quicklook previews in Finder
  • Added “New Document” to Dock menu

This is an “early” preview. Probably some bugs, but I’m interested to get feedback. Also I had some problems with the build. It’s 3x expected size right now, hope to get that fixed eventually. I won’t be around much tomorrow, but will be back at it next week.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Happy to see old dogcow again in the “Page Setup…” Paper :smile:

For reference:
Dogcow (Moof!)

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Release 114 fixes the light/dark mode issues with printing and thumbnails I think.

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All fixed here by 114 on macOS 11.74 :+1:

That was quick … especially in the context of a weekend.
Thank you !

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Release 115 makes a bunch of changes to the way that Bike’s code is packaged. The end result from a user perspective should just be that the app download is smaller–be on the lookout for any unintended new bugs.

Also can anyone test and see if QuickLook and Icon thumbnails for Bike files is still working for you in this release? They seem to be working for me now, though for some reason they stopped working right after the release for about half an hour, and I don’t really know why or what I did to fix.

QuickLook and Icon thumbnails both working for me.

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Thank you! I have taken screenshots and went to Preview like 100 times so far.

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I appreciate the preference to disable the font scaling, but how do I stop Bike from increasing the top padding to a comically large amount when the window is made wider?

I thought about a preference for that, but I think it would also look pretty weird with the cursor scrunched up against the top when there were also big margins.

Generally my thinking is:

  1. Most of the time you will have your window size somewhere near text wrap width.

  2. In full-screen mode (when the above isn’t the case) then nearer the middle of the screen feels like a good staring place for typing.

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On the current beta (115), the app stopped showing where the cursor would normally appear, and also stopped being able to save files after a few hours of use. Restarting the app fixed it. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

Most of the time you will have your window size somewhere near text wrap width.

That’s not how I write. I like having a wider canvas to write on to aid with focus, but I still want a reasonable text wrap width.

In full-screen mode (when the above isn’t the case) then nearer the middle of the screen feels like a good staring place for typing.

Isn’t that what typewriter mode does? Either way, when I scroll to the top of a document, I don’t expect ~30% of my vertical space taken up by padding. Not sure if you have access to these apps, but Ulysses and iA Writer handle this well, imo. Some padding is needed but Bike’s is excessive when the window is wide. It doesn’t make sense to me to have to choose between window width and vertical space. :confused:

iA Writer:


In full-screen mode (when the above isn’t the case) then nearer the middle of the screen feels like a good staring place for typing.

I honestly thought this was a bug :smile:
I enjoy being able to have Bike to fill the full screen and the rows of text to be wide. Now I can sort of achieve this if I use a huge font size, but that is not really what I want. Any chance we can have a way to configure a border size? So this would enable to have whatever font size and let the text fill the window as much as we desire, regardless of window size.

I’ve just posted 116 Preview which:

  1. Makes default top margin scaling less
  2. Adds a setting to disable top margin scaling entirely
  3. Related, it also changes typewriter mode so that it adds top margin, previously it wasn’t doing that.

Let me know what you like and don’t like. Ideally I would like a behavior that we can all live with to avoid the extra preference.

For me I think I do like disabling “Enable top margin scaling” for non full-screen-mode, because when I resize the windows there’s a bit less text movement which is nice.

On the other hand when in fullscreen mode I still feel like text is starting to close to the top of the screen. One thought is that I’ll just add a bit more top padding, but only in fullscreen mode? Let me know what you think.

Also I have changed typewriter mode behavior so that when enabled it will always add enough top margin padding to center the typewriter scrolling.

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Please let me know if you can duplicate this behavior.

There has been a problem (that I thought I fixed in Bike 1.9 (112)) where the cursor would not show even though the outline editor had focus. I think that problem mainly happened when interacting with the find and text checking panels, and would fix itself if you switched to a different application and then back to Bike.

I have not seen a problem where it could not save documents. Please me know if you keep seeing either problem or can figure out how to reproduce.

Thank you! I haven’t seen it happen since that one time. I’ll post if it happens again!

I love the preference to disable top margin scaling and will never uncheck that box. :slight_smile:

I think that makes a lot of sense as it does feel a bit tight in full screen mode. See screenshot below with Bike on left and iA Writer on right:

Thank you. What I actually wanted was to have the “original” behavior and I now noticed the indications on these options that they are only valid when “text wrapping” is enabled. So what I wanted actually was to “Wrap to Window”. Somehow I missed when the other wrapping options were added, probably because I didn’t update Bike as often.

So all good for me.

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I think 117 will be the final 1.10 release. Let me know if there’s anything I need to fix before making it the official release.

In 117, I found that after exiting typewriter mode, the editor section won’t be back to the original position like the previous version (116).

Thanks, I’ve fixed this for 118.

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