Bike Print Command

Is a Print command planned?

It’s planned in that I think Bike should have it, but it won’t be available for version 1.0. I did try to add it a while back, but ran into some issues. I’ll try to add it again at some point, but I feel there are other higher priority things to add.

If you do need print out I think fastest ways might be:

  1. Open .bike in web browser and print. Probably will want to create a custom stylesheet to make the lists look a little nicer.

  2. Save your bike as .opml and print from outliner that supports both .opml and printing.

  3. Copy/Paste outline content into TaskPaper and print as plain text.

Thanks–I have workarounds that are easy enough to use for now. (Didn’t think about just using a web browser!) I was just curious for the future.

It took a while, but the latest preview 1.10 preview has added printing support. Please try it out and let me know how it works for you:

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I haven’t been installing the preview releases since my primary use for Bike is outlines that accumulate “mission critical” information over time. If there were any corruption that I didn’t discover immediately it could be disastrous. Can I install the preview release to test it and then just replace it with the stable release–or are there preference files, etc (e.g., ~/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike) that would need to be reverted as well?


On the relationship between screen colors and print colors, the picture at the moment seems to be that white paper and black ink are not affected by System level choice of Light or Dark Appearance.

Settings in Bike > Editor > Preference > Colors and Bike’s own General > Appearance > Dark do, however, seem to override white background and black print for printing.

Two thoughts:

  1. My personal preference for a printing default would always be white background and black ink (even when my screen colors are customized)
  2. At the moment, if I change the screen to Light Appearance, and use Editor > Reset Colors, in preparation for printing, there still seems to be a lag before the print (or PDF Preview) output reverts to black on white.

i.e. I seem to need to close and reopen the file, or possibly Bike itself, to reset the printing from custom foreground color on custom background color to black on white.

Not unmanageable, by any means, but puts it slightly beyond the range of a simple scripting fix :slight_smile:


Yeah, somethings buggy here. The intention is that both printing and icon previews use black on white.

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I think yes, thought it’s hard for me to be absolutely sure for all cases.

I think as long as you have some sort of automated backup system in place then no preview can hurt you too much. Worst case you could delete both Bike application it’s preferences files and then reinstall the non-preview release.

I think release 114 should fix the color issues with printing and icon thumbnails.

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