Bike Print Command

Is a Print command planned?

It’s planned in that I think Bike should have it, but it won’t be available for version 1.0. I did try to add it a while back, but ran into some issues. I’ll try to add it again at some point, but I feel there are other higher priority things to add.

If you do need print out I think fastest ways might be:

  1. Open .bike in web browser and print. Probably will want to create a custom stylesheet to make the lists look a little nicer.

  2. Save your bike as .opml and print from outliner that supports both .opml and printing.

  3. Copy/Paste outline content into TaskPaper and print as plain text.

Thanks–I have workarounds that are easy enough to use for now. (Didn’t think about just using a web browser!) I was just curious for the future.