Bike 1.10 (113-118)

Is there a way to hide the disclosure triangles when printing?

Makes sense in the app UI, but it is weird seeing them in the printed document.

There isn’t right now.

I think it does make sense in some cases. Bike prints the current view state (focus, expanded, and collapsed) rows, so when posting collapsed row the handle still gives some important information.

What do other printing outliners do? If there’s one that you like please post a link.

I don’t use any other outliners. I’m just trying to use Bike as my only non-programming text editor. If I’m just writing normal text, which Bike is very capable at, the print/PDF output isn’t usable for handing off because of the disclosure triangles.

This could be handle with print stylesheets whenever we get that ability, but I’d be happy with an option to disable them.

When you print are you including indentation structure? Or are these mostly flat hierarchy documents?

Edit Also what about the guide lines? Do you want those printed or not?

Flat hierarchy. I just want to be able to print out the text in the document and nothing else.

I use Pandoc’s Haskell library to obtain custom PDF printing. This is the result I am able to get, as an example:

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