Still no print?


I wanted to print a Bike-document and didn’t find the menu for it.

I found a similar question in April (!).

Could anybody help me with this?



In the meanwhile, some interim approaches:

  1. Drag the saved Bike file onto any browser, which will display it as a nest of bullet lists, and print from the browser.
  2. Copy a subset of an outline and paste into, which will preserve inline formatting, and let you print.
  3. Experiment with the Copy As MD and Save As MD macros on this forum.


  1. I printed first from the browser. The defaults for line-height etc. were not good enough.

  2. I set my TextEditor to only create TXT-files and was too lazy to change it, but pasting in Word did the trick AND it looks much better than printing from the browser.

Thanks again!



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The latest preview 1.10 preview has added printing support. Please try it out and let me know how it works for you: