A couple of suggested usability improvements in Find

I entered Find mode with CMD F and found four occurrences of the searched term and bike highlighted them - which is great. I then manually moved though the document and made some changes and deleted the found character term wich removed the highlighting however the counter at the bottom did not update. I hit right and left arrow to move to the next/ previous and bike did nothing. I selected “Done” then invoked find at a later time and the prior search term and the now incorrect occurrences found were re displayed in the search bar.

I think this is unintentional behaviour and I also submit that it would be nice to be able to “toggle” find mode with CMD F to both enter and then exit the mode without having to select Done.

I’m playing around with this and I see the incorrect count, but I think all the other behavior is correct. Is that what you are seeing?

I guess this is what I’m not quite sure about. Do you think this was a bug? Or were there just no more matches in the document. I guess maybe you were hoping to reset the found count… I know that’s a problem, just making sure no other bugs are also present.

I think I would rather keep as is an encourage you to use Escape key to close find. That keeps commands always doing the same thing. Also I’ve tried to consistently use Escape throughout the UI to close/exit things. I certainly don’t intent that you need to click Done thought! :slight_smile:

⌘G is working well here for cycling through the matches.

(and ⇧⌘G for cycling backwards)

Thank you for the clarification Jesse. I agree that the esc key is the best way to exit find and all the other things I was experiencing were are a result of the count not being updated while the instances were edited or when search was re-entered and the count was wrong.

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Thanks - this shortcut is working as you describe.

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The latest preview release should fix that find count display I think: