TaskPaper 3.8.8 Preview (407)

Changes include:

  • Fixed Tag > Remove Tags command
  • Fixed Tag > Tag With… to not include values
  • Fixed Edit > Insert Date “now” to use minutes instead of milliseconds resolution
  • Fixed crash that could happen when editing a file in TaskPaper and another app at same time
  • Added TaskPaper preference allowing sidebar size to follow System Preferences > General > Sidebar Icon Size setting

Please try it out and let me know if you see any problems.



I just posted an update to 3.8.7 Preview that fixes:

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HI Jesse,

Update to 3.8.7 fixed this.

thanks Ve.Mu.


Hum… appears I never realized this version. I’ve just pushed in on more change (no longer showing tag values in Tag With… pallet). Will then release (for real!) in next day or two.

Next day or two… well that didn’t work out. Soon after this I updated OS, broke my build process in the process… and didn’t have energy to fix. But fixed now, so I’ve just posted a new release.

Assuming no new bugs will release 3.8.8 in a few days. For real? I hope so!

Any update on this release?

Still having problems with:

Which is related to:

Not sure if it’s my bug or not… I’m just going to remove that as a change and have just now submitted the update to Apple.