Odd behavior when selecting values in "Tag With" popup

This is my first time posting in the support forum, so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I have attempted to find this topic before posting but have not been able to find it—forgive me if I’ve missed it somehow.

I use tag values rather heavily and am aware that they won’t come up in auto-completion when just typing the @ and then tag. However, now that values show in the sidebar and come up in the “Tag With” popup, I was hoping that would serve as a fast way of selecting preexisting values.

Currently in TaskPaper, however, when I select a tag value from the Tag With popup, it inserts in an odd manner.

Here is an example to better illustrate:

I use the tag @contact with the contact’s name as the value. You can see these in the sidebar and coming up in the Tag With pop up:

However, when I select one in the pop up, this is what it inserts:

  • Called @contact contains[l] “Anne Hess”
  • Sent email to @contact contains[l] “Dave”

And those then show as tags in the sidebar (even though they’re not highlighted fully like most tags):

The behavior I am going for is when selecting, for example, Anne Hess in the “Tag With” list, it would insert @contact(Ann Hess).

Selecting the tag value does work in the Taskmator iOS application (but I understand that is an independent project).

I hope I’ve explained this okay! Please let me know if there’s any more information I can provide.

Thank you!

My TaskPaper is Version 3.8.6 (382)
My computer is running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65)


I just want to say that for a first time poster, you did a great job!

I’m sure that @jessegrosjean will respond soon!

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Yes, thanks… I just tried your example and something is definitely off. I’ll try to debug further later today.

(And @Jim is right… thanks for the descriptive post!)

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I’ve just released a preview that fixes the problem here:

The “fix” is to just not show tag values in the Tag With… pallet. They were never really (as far as I remember anyway) intended to be in that UI. Instead they were just showing up as a side effect of adding tag values to the sidebar. I can see how they might be useful in Tag With… pallet, but it would take quite a bit of logic to make it all work out. So I’m just taking them out for now.


Thank you for the replies @jessegrosjean and @Jim! Glad my post was okay :slight_smile:

@jessegrosjean I did see that you’ve said the logic for being able to select the values would be really complex—is there any way currently (or possible) to better automate tagging with values?

When just using the @ and typing, there is the auto-complete of existing tags, but that doesn’t work for the values. I don’t always remember how I’ve termed a contact (for example Elizabeth Smith vs. Liz Smith or something).

As I mentioned in my original post, the values are “selectable” and populate properly in the Taskmator application, but I’m not sure what the developer does to achieve that behavior and if that translates from iOS to MacOS. (I’m far from proficient enough to understand all the ins and outs).

Thank you for your prompt reply again and for your continued work improving TaskPaper!

+1 for keeping the values in Tag With… and adding the ability to add tags with pre-populated values, as that would be super helpful and a big time-saver!

I got excited when I saw values in the pallet, but then experienced the same bug. (@jessegrosjean, I recently e-mailed you about the bug before I saw this post on the forum.)