Change font on sidebar

Hi, I’m wondering how to change the font on the sidebar to reflect the size of the font of the listed tasks? Is this possible? Thanks!

It’s not possible to change the sidebar font right now.

With that said I’m just now working on a update to the preview release that will respect System Preferences > General > Sidebar Icon Size setting. That will allow you to change the sidebar font using Small, Medium, and Large options.

I’ve just posted a new preview release that adds this feature:

AAaaaaah, pleaaase … noooo… :wink:

respect System Preferences

Please revert this or make it at least optional. I do not agree on that the sidebar in TaskPaper should be inherit anything from the Finder. The individual purposes are not comparable in any way.

Finder: content rarely changes, so there is nothing to ‘read’, it is rather ‘recognising’ . I can point and click most of the entries with squinted eyes, I do know them by heart. Plus: you only have to click on the row, there are no tiny triangles the need to be hit. If you have multiple Finder windows open, all show the same sidebar, but to minimize redundancy you can make it smaller.

Taskpaper: the sidebar ist something you actively work with – almost equally to the editor. Find an entry, expand it, find another, expand it also. Editor font size can be adjusted easily, sidebar not at all.

As a user I want my Finder sidebar to be small. I do not want my TP sidebar to be small and I really do not want to adjust my TP sidebar font size in System preferences. Now my TP sidebar font is even smaller than the one in the editor. Please undo, make it optional or better: make it adjustable or a setting.


While I sincerely appreciate the adjustment made for people like me, I feel guilty for people like nilsw who now has to suffer for my benefit. I feel this setting should be made independent of how the aesthetics of the macOS is set, except perhaps it reflecting the font name itself, i.e. San Francisco. But if we’re allowed to change the size of the font of the editor, then the sidebar should be made to reflect the size of the editor if not be changed independently of any other setting.


I’ll get this into next preview!

I’ve just posted a new update… TaskPaper has a preference now for if sidebar should follow system preferences sidebar font size: