What other apps support TaskPaper's file format?

TaskPaper (the app) is a Mac only right now.

But “.taskpaper” the file format is a plain text and supported by many different apps on different platforms such as Windows and iOS. It’s also backed by an open source project that makes it easy for other app developers to work with TaskPaper files.

This page list all apps that integrate with or edit TaskPaper formatted files. Please add any that I’ve missed. This is a “wiki” post, that’s means anyone can edit and add to it. Please add any apps that I’ve missed in alphabetical order. Thanks!


The apps in this section all integrate with TaskPaper formatted files.


The apps in this section all support editing TaskPaper files.

I’ve organized them by platform as they are a great resource when you need to edit TaskPaper files by don’t have access to TaskPaper the app. Dropbox is a good solution for syncing your TaskPaper files between various platforms.







  • Taco – All your tasks on one screen

I’d prefer to use iCloud Drive to sync, any recommended iOS editors that will work this way?

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I think that won’t be possible, though I could be out of date on what iCloud can do. The problem is that when an app sync to iCloud it syncs to it’s own special container, and no other apps can access that same container. So you can’t really use it to share data between apps. At least that’s my understanding.

Hi Jesse. Actually iCloud Drive is a bit different from iCloud. It’s more like Finder on iCloud. You can create arbitrary folders and put whatever you want in there. Let’s say you initiate this from the Mac, then you can access all those folders from an iOS device. There’s a hidden “Finder” app on iOS that let’s you browse iCloud Drive from there, it’s called “iCloud Drive”. Here’s how to enable it

Congrats on the great new TaskPaper btw, just getting into it again :slight_smile:


ToDoPaper for Windows is a app fully compatible with TaskPaper files and will recognize all tags from TaskPaper 2.0 files


Of the iOS apps listed above, three out of four were last updated over or around a year ago - before the release of Taskpaper 3. Listacular was updated in April 2016 but the update seemed focused on only a couple major bugs.

Pardon the naiveté, but will or should these apps work with Taskpaper 3 format? And, if so, are there any caveats or limitations?

(For my current purposes, I am looking for an iPhone iOS app that can view and perform very basic editing of Taskpaper files, though I don’t discount needing something more robust in the future).

Thanks, in advance, for any and all guidance!

The TaskPaper format hasn’t changed so they should all continue to work.

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I was surprised to see this morning that Listacular has been removed from the app store. And I found this thread on Twitter, I’m rather glad I don’t need to deal with their support any longer

Thanks for the information… I’ll remove the link.

TodoPaper seems to have dissappeared also…

Visual Studio Code with Todo+ Extension https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=fabiospampinato.vscode-todo-plus


Dec 2020 update. I second Visual Studio Code, Fabio did a great job on the extension. I wish there was a way for Jesse to get paid residuals on Taskpaper format because no matter what happens the format is market proof.

iOS is OK with Taskmator. It could be iCloud but I hear daily complaints from my wife on lost information. For sure there are some formatting issues (tasks detected without “-”, or strict requirement of tabs vs spaces)