Will the non App Store version be able to sync with iPad version differently?


I’ve just bought the non Apple Store version today, and now I wonder, will I have a way to sync to an iPad version?


Not the dev, but .taskpaper files are just plain text files, other than iCloud because that’s locked to App Store apps, you can sync them however, including via Dropbox. Most iOS text editors can sync via Dropbox so I’d just use that.

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Are you unable to save your TaskPaper files to iCloud Drive?

As @daniel says Dropbox is your best bet for syncing to the iPad, though there are probably other options to that I don’t know about. As far as editing on iOS you can use any text editor… but if you want syntax highlighting I’ve started a list of apps on other platforms that understand the TaskPaper file format:

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Oh I haven’t tried.

I phrased my question badly. Probably should have rather been “Will I be able to sync to an iPad version of Taskpaper if I don’t use the App Store version”

Yes, I’ve since discovered that too, and that there are editors already able to do it. :slight_smile:

Saving to Dropbox, and using Taskmator on the iPad.
Loooooving it!

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