TaskPaper for iOS

Jim would you be so kind as to explain how to implement a JS action (pointer to a URL would be great). Is it IN 1writer, or in Shortcuts on the iPad? Or other?


Hi @RobOK

The scripting is done entirely in 1Writer. Here is the documentation on JavaScript in 1Writer.

Here are some actions that you may find useful.

I hope that helps!

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I literally did not know how to add a Javascript Action, but now I do!

Do you have some concern about using 1Writer and DropBox, it seems to work fine?

Does anyone know how to use an iPad Shortcut to add the typed text into the 1Writer document, hopefully in the Inbox: project but getting it anywhere would be great.

Since the files are simply text files, Dropbox should be fine with them. Of course, usage may depend on the other apps and shortcuts that you use.

The following will ask for text in a dialog, then prepend it to a designated text file. It just adds the text at the top of the document (no inbox project), but it does prepend a dash and a space before the text, thus formatting the text as a TaskPaper task.

One important note, and this is due to  Shortcuts: the text document has to be in the Shortcuts folder in the iCloud directory. If you put the text document elsewhere, the shortcut fails to add the text to the document.

An example of where I have the TaskPaper document:

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 9.31.09 PM

The shortcut.

Hmm. I am not currently using iCloud for documents (maybe I should migrate off DropBox), but I guess I could just store my TaskPaper doc there.

I did create a shortcut that simply opens my taskpaper document in 1Writer, so maybe that will be low enough friction.

Most often i use a 1-click email app called Captio. You preconfigure one email address. When you have a stray thought, you type in the text and hit send and you get an email with the text. Later I filter email on Captio (or you can put a phrase in the subject line) and process them all.

I’ve found the combo of Mac TaskPaper, iOS 1Writer, Keyboard Maestro, and  Shortcuts (with AppleScript & JavaScript mixed in) to be frictionless for my needs and major desires.

I think that the key to any multipart system is to find (or create) what works best for you.

I regularly refine and improve my system, as I enjoy doing that, and TaskPaper is utterly flexible in its design.

Good luck on your journey with it!


So it seems to me that the the main missing point is folding… if only Editorial had iCloud sync…!

Gotta question that relates to your process using TaskPaper files in iOS…

Is there way one could use TaskPaper files in iOS – e.g., through changing the file format, and working on that file through one of the iOS apps you suggest – and be able to select & copy discontiguous text from that file?

I’d welcome any ideas / suggestions for how I might be able to accomplish this… Thanks so much!

BTW, I’m happy to use another iOS app in conjunction with 1Writer – or another app that would work with TaskPaper, and could sync with MacOS.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

In theory, yes.

You would have to find an iOS text editor that supports a syncing service and discontiguous text selection.

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Thanks, I’ve been looking! I contacted the developer for 1Writer, and he said their app doesn’t do it.

Know of any apps that place nice with TaskPaper and has syncing service? I don’t mind contacting each of developers to see if they also do discontiguous text selection…

Also, like I said, I also don’t mind using some other kind of iOS clipboard app that might enable me to copy discontiguous text selections. Any chance you know of any…?

Thanks again for your help!

I haven’t tried this, but if you don’t mind the geekiness, it looks like it is worth exploring.


  1. Federico Viticci is sharp.
  2. Editorial has some support for TaskPaper files.

If you try it, report back about your experience.

If you want to contact iOS text editor developers, this list might help.

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Thank you so, so much for this, @Jim – this is incredibly helpful! I’m going to try it out, and will certainly report back.

Two super quick questions…

  • I’m actually using a TaskPaper file, and the process of selecting and copying discontiguous text, in order to copy and paste tags (hashtag/tags) into another app. In order to do so, multiple hashtags would need to be pasted as follows: [hashtag/tag]+[SPACE]+[COMMA]+[SPACE]+[hashtag/tag] So, would it be possible to amend Federico Viticci’s script so that it can accomplish this?

  • I flesh out the file with my hashtag/tags in TaskPaper (MacOS). If I were to follow the process you suggested, I would need to (1) figure out how to transfer this file from TaskPaper to Editorial, and then (2) determine how I can transfer it back from Editor to TaskPaper, where I’d use the file for another process. Are there particular steps you’d suggest to ensure that I maintain the file’s integrity?

Thanks so much for all of your help, as per usual… I really do appreciate it.

You’re welcome @printer.

  1. I think that it would work. I would suggest making up a test document and then try it out. If you run into issues, try asking Federico. He has helped me in the psst. His e-mail is public: viticci@macstories.net
  2. Since Editorial doesn’t work with iCloud, I would recommend using Dropbox for automatic transfers (known as syncing). Overall, Dropbox is reliable, and for smaller files, free to use. I would still work with test files until you have tested the whole process and are happy. I believe that Dropbox does support 30 days of back-ups, so the integrity should be good. Worst case, you would be safe with any changes or tests made from the current save, and saves made within the past 30 days.

I hope that helps!