TaskPaper for iOS


Will we ever see a TaskPaper for iOS? I would definitely support a yearly sub for such a thing, and I’m sure many others would. I just wanted to get an idea of what your thought were for the future of TaskPaper.

I know there are clients such as Drafts, Editorial, Taskmator…they just don’t match up to the real thing.


You may find fairly rich coverage of the history of this issue in various threads:


Generally the answer hasn’t changed from what’s been discussed before. Someday I’d like to do it again, but I don’t expect anytime soon.

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Thanks for the response Jesse, really hope to see it one of these days.


I was literally just going to post this very question! I realize that it’s not on your radar, but…I’m begging you to reconsider. I love TaskPaper – it’s my latest, favorite app – and I’m now using in in conjunction w/ other apps (e.g., MarginNote). But would be so much better & easier for me to use it if there was a way to have certain files on an accessible iOS platform (e.g., shared on a DropBox folder). Any chance that’s possible…? Here’s hoping!

If you’re syncing with Dropbox, Editorial is probably still your best option.

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I also would love to see a solution for iOS. Is there any way to support this, may be through a crowdfunding campaign?

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I’d pitch in for that!

@jessegrosjean, your software is that good, and I really hope this can happen. It would vastly improve our ability to use if if there’s an iOS version…

Was this something you were suggesting as a workaround solution for using TaskPaper files on an iOS platform?

Any good text editor will work with TaskPaper files.

Editorial is great, as it supports the TaskPaper format, and it is scriptable. For a while, it was not updated, so I moved on from it.

I now use 1Writer and am quite happy with it on my iPhone. I use iCloud for syncing my TaskPaper files.

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I second that. [1Writer](https://1writerapp.com) is a good iOS editor, and, like TaskPaper, has [a JavaScript API](JavaScript Documentation - 1Writer) for customizations.

I am not a JavaScript expert and it only took me an evening to make these scripts in 1Writer:

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Here is my @done script, which adds the current date:

let leftPad = (digit) => {
	let str = digit.toString()
	return digit >=10 ? str : 0 + str;

let date = new Date()
let year = leftPad(date.getFullYear())
let month = leftPad(date.getMonth() + 1)
let day = leftPad(date.getDate())
editor.replaceSelection(` @done(${year}-${month}-${day})`)
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And if you wanted, you could include a local time-stamp in your 1Writer @done tags:

Variant of @Jim's 1Writer action, adding a local time-stamp
(() => {
    'use strict';

    // Variant of @Jim's 1Writer action script to
    // include a local time-stamp in the @done tag

    // main :: IO ()
    const main = () =>
            `@done(${taskPaperDateString(new Date())})`

    // --------------------- GENERIC ---------------------

    // iso8601Local :: Date -> String
    const iso8601Local = dte =>
        new Date(dte - (6E4 * dte.getTimezoneOffset()))

    // taskPaperDateString :: Date -> String
    const taskPaperDateString = dte => {
        const [d, t] = iso8601Local(dte).split('T');
        return [d, t.slice(0, 5)].join(' ');

    return main();
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