TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (236)

I am planning an upgrade to my iMac in the autumn but currently I’d be happy to have a sort of bug fix release for Yosemite*. I can understand the move to a more modern framework but I’m not a heavy user, so I can do with no major upgrade for a few months.

* I ought to add it runs fine as far as I can tell.

Version 3.5 is a preview release, not finished yet. But version 3.3 (current release download at www.taskpaper.com) should work fine on Yosemite.

Just want to say, @jessegrosjean, the new sidebar and search solutions make TP3 even more usable, and soon, surely, indispensable, than ever before. Thank you for your hard work!


Is this reproducible, doesn’t seem to crash for me.

I cannot say enough how amazed I am by this released. If anything, this was a huge jump onto what TaskPaper will become soon and there were several rough spots. Love the new interface, new icon, new search. Keep up the good work. This will probably keep you busy for a while :slight_smile:

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Moving an item chrashes TP for me too, every time. Not when executing the shortcut, but when selecting the destination.

Never mind, I’m seeing this crash now… not sure why I wasn’t seeing it before. Anyway things for pointing it out to me.


I reinstall the 3.5 Preview version same issue i working with OSX El Captain and when i move an item with Cmd + \ and selected my destination project it crashed in every TP File, tried in my own and in Template file :frowning:

Compliments :slight_smile: Like the way of handeling items with this feature it’s really easy to clean your Inbox (follow GTD)


Thant would be great. Thank you.

Jesse, occasionally I’m seeing a situation where my MacBook Pro keyboard becomes unresponsive, except for the backspace key. Quitting TP and launching it again immediately corrects the problem. I’ve encountered this 3-4 times this morning, but I haven’t identified how I might reproduce the behavior.

TP crashes occasionally when I use cmd-Z. Not shure what triggers it, but I believe I have had the file open in two windows and the view hoisted in both windows (both are functions I really appreciate!). And that I shortly before the chrashes have deleted/moved items to the leftmost level.

What a great update! Really nice refinements.

On the possibility of a fading titlebar, any chance this could be implemented as a preference? Fading on blocks the use of the coming macOS tabs feature, fading off leaves the standard titlebar and enables tabs feature? I only suggest it because I would love the fading titlebar and would not use tabs with taskpaper, as it doesn’t fit with how I use the app, but then I can see how allowing the functionality should be there.


command palette is awesome! any chance to add our scripts in the list?

since the addition of a tabbed window, might be useful to add a “Save All” option in the “File” menu.

still hoping it to start with the files that were open when it was closed. :wink:

Hi Jesse.

I’m an avid user of TaskPaper and usually immediately install new releases. Unfortunately this time I can’t, since the new minimum requirement is now OS X 10.11 and I’m still running 10.10. Having purchased a TP 3 license fairly recently I’m a little disappointed by the new system requirement. Can you please briefly state the reasons for dropping support for OS X 10.10?


@jessegrosjean, love this new release as usual and so thankful you’re continuing to improve a great app.

I had a few ideas/requests:

  • A master pallet that searches all Projects, Searches, and Commands. Since I think people often remember the name of the thing they want before they remember what category it’s in.
  • I’d love the ability to reorder sidebar sections
  • I would much prefer the search sidebar section without all document tags added in automatically, for a few reasons:
    • It’s trivially easy to create those saved searches if needed
    • They compete visually with my more important saved searches
    • They bump my (much more important) saved searches down so far that I have to scroll the sidebar to see them again

(Side note: maybe instead of removing tags from the saved searches section, you could just give them their own “tags” section.)

Again, thanks! I love this app.


@jessegrosjean I completely agree with @jackbrannen regarding Tags as a part of searches being an issue and with his proposed solution.

did you read the thread above?

Really nice update, great work! Love the quick open style pallet searches :slight_smile:

Sorry, I missed @ct1003’s question and @jessegrosjean’s answer. I didn’t read the whole thread, but I did a search for ‘10.10’. Had I searched for ‘Yosemite’ I wouldn’t have posted to the thread. :slight_smile:

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Agree with @jackbrannen on tags being added to a collapsed Tags section under searches. 2nd best option is to not add them automatically.