TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (236)

Phew! This has been a long time coming!

Lots of code and UI changes. Be on the lookup for bugs due to all the code changes (rewrote the entire native side of TaskPaper in Swift). And let me know what you think of UI changes, right now they are all fresh and easy to tweak.

Note Original release was (234), but I messed up code signing for that release. I think it’s fixed in (236), but you might have to manually update, from the download link at the end of this post).


  • New icon, thanks @sdw!
  • New code, rewrote native layer in Swift.
  • Now requires OS X 10.11


  • Show/Hide Projects Section
  • Show/Hide Searches Section
  • Expand/Collapse Individual Projects
  • Double-click on project in sidebar to “hoist”, show only it’s descendants


  • Only shows when a search is active.
  • Larger, can more easily complex searches.
  • Attention getting, you should never miss the fact that a search is active (changeable via styles)


  • Printing has it’s own style setting
  • Each window can now have a different (Window > Style) style
  • New styling options. Might change, give a try and let me know what you think:
editor {
  top-padding-percent: 25%; // Pad top of editor with 25% of viewport height
  bottom-padding-percent: 50%; // Pad bottom of editor with 25% of viewport height
  editor-wrap-to-column: 80; // Wrap editor text at 80 columns, center if extra space
  item-wrap-to-column: 60; // Wrap item text at 60 columns (smaller value them above means item text doesn't rewrap when item is indented
  typewriter-scroll-percent: 50%; // Scroll edit location to 50% location in viewport when possible 


  • Pallet UI element replaces popup menus
  • Filtering list UI with same “type select” behavior as sidebar
  • Added “Command Pallet” to go with existing “Projects” and “Searches” pallets
  • Changed shortcuts so all pallets use some form of Command-P


  • Can now open multiple windows for the same document. Right-click on item bullet and choose “Open in New Window”.


  • “Focus in” one more time on focused item to “hoist” the item
  • Changed default font to system reported “user font”


  • UI for managing saved searches
  • Show keyboard shortcuts in Command Pallet
  • Show handle (if it’s not displayed) when mouse over item
  • Drag and drop “between” top level projects in sidebar
  • Document meta data is not being saved (collapsed items, current style, etc)
  • Maybe someway to fade out titlebar… took this out for now because it beaks Tab support on OS X 10.12
  • Fix drag and drop of selected text to move it instead of create a copy
  • Links are too bright in default style
  • Indicate “No Search Results” case
  • Dark.less style needs improvement



Ha, I randomly checked for updates a few seconds ago and was amazed when 3.5 downloaded!!

Have only just launched it, but truly appreciate the continued evolution, I don’t take that for granted!

Cheers on the new release,

I’m having some drag and drop weirdness…

Both in sidebar and in document, drag and drop is creating a duplicate leaving the original in place.

It seems to be working for me… though it will automatically create a duplicate of you try to drag and drop a parent item into it’s own list of child items. If that’s not it, can you explain exactly how to recreate it using the example document that opens in new windows?

Dragging anything for me makes a Dup. Let me know what info I can provide. I do still have TP2 installed, that shouldn’t matter though, right?

I think this pasted a screenshot:

Ok, I think I might see what’s happening… you are just dragging selected text? Not dragging by the item handle? That (dragging selected text) does look like a bug. But if you want to drag items around it’s much easier (for many cases anyway) to drag them by the little red circle (or if that’s not visible, where it would be displayed) to the left of each items text.

Does the new version have issues with my registered version?

I had to revalidate but it took it right away.

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I had to reactivate mine too.

I guess revalidate as @RobOK says … 3.5 is definitely intended as a free update.

OK reactivate works, but why does this version does not use the activation key of the previous version?

And… all my styles are gone :frowning:

You are correct, i was dragging by the text. I either forgot or got confused that there are “hidden” handles. Thanks for that reminder.

Ahh that explains the reactivation problem too. I sandboxed this version of TaskPaper, which means all preferences and files like that are stored in a new location. Use Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder to open the new sandboxed location. The old location (for Paddle version of TaskPaper anyway) is:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application\ Support/TaskPaper

I guess next thing is for me to rediscover why I didn’t sandbox it before. :\

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Hi Jesse,

where can I find the style file?

Choose File > Open Application as stated in the help file does not exist in TP

== Feek

Thnx, clear… :slight_smile:

Also please fix in help :slight_smile:

== Feek

I will once 3.5 is out of preview, but for now know that help doesn’t reflect any of the new 3.5 changes yet.


I use for my theme.less a symlink to a file on Dropbox, so I can sync my styles on multiple macs. But when I use the symlink, TP crashes!

Am I right I am not allowed to use a symlink in the sandboxed folder :frowning:

It would be nice when you can use a “style folder” outside the Sandboxed folder!!

== feek

Hi Jesse,

Am I right the file-type .taskpaper is not associated anymore with TaskPaper?

When double clicking on a .taskpaper in (Path-)Finder does not open the file in TaskPaper.

== feek

That’s not my intention, but possible that I messed up the configuration for file type associations. I’ll add it to my list to investigate. Sometimes a system restart can help with problems like that.

Yes, I think that’s correct.