TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (237)

Warning! You must manually update this release.

In the initial 3.5 release I messed up two things:

  • I sandboxed TaskPaper–which breaks Software Update. Oops!
  • I used a different application identifier that I had for previous releases

This release fixes those problems. But if you created custom styles you must import them from:

/Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3/Data/Library/Application\ Support/TaskPaper/StyleSheets

  • Added “Go to Anything” Palette
  • Added Preference to not hide searchbar where empty
  • Added Preference to maintain search when select project changes
  • Added Preference to maintain project when select search changes in sidebar
  • Added Sidebar should now remember top level expansion state (not item expansion state though)
  • Changed Moved “Tags” into own section in the sidebar
  • Changed Turned off Sandbox restrictions, where were on for initial 3.5 release
  • Changed Application identifier back to com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3
  • Fixed Spelling Pallet > Palette
  • Fixed Crash when performing Item > Move to Project
  • Fixed Crash when saving outline with all items deleted
  • Fixed Can no longer “undo” newly loaded document back to empty
  • Fixed Uncaught exception in the native undo manager
  • Fixed Lockups when TaskPaper and another app were editing document at same time
  • Fixed bunch of memory leaks

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder.
Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.


Previously in 3.5 Preview

  • New icon, thanks @sdw!
  • New code, rewrote native layer in Swift.
  • Now requires OS X 10.11

Lots of new. Beware! Please post bugs and feedback to: http://support.hogbaysoftware.com


  • Show/Hide Projects Section
  • Show/Hide Searches Section
  • Expand/Collapse Individual Projects
  • Double-click on project in sidebar to “hoist”, show only it’s descendants


  • Only shows when a search is active.
  • Larger, can more easily complex searches.
  • Attention getting, you should never miss the fact that a search is active (changeable via styles)


  • Printing has it’s own style setting
  • Each window can now have a different (Window > Style) style
  • New styling options. Might change, give a try and let me know what you think:
editor {
  top-padding-percent: 25%; // Pad top of editor with 25% of viewport height
  bottom-padding-percent: 50%; // Pad bottom of editor with 25% of viewport height
  editor-wrap-to-column: 80; // Wrap editor text at 80 columns, center if extra space
  item-wrap-to-column: 60; // Wrap item text at 60 columns (smaller value them above means item text doesn't rewrap when item is indented
  typewriter-scroll-percent: 50%; // Scroll edit location to 50% location in viewport when possible 


  • palette UI element replaces popup menus
  • Filtering list UI with same “type select” behavior as sidebar
  • Added “Command palette” to go with existing “Projects” and “Searches” palettes
  • Changed shortcuts so all palettes use some form of Command-P


  • Can now open multiple windows for the same document. Right-click on item bullet and choose “Open in New Window”.


  • “Focus in” one more time on focused item to “hoist” the item
  • Changed default font to system reported “user font”

Some nice developments here, so I’m looking forward to more.

With 236 and 237, I can no longer drag items by grabbing (long-clicking in) their handles. The result is just @done.

Also, I can live with whatever you choose but I really liked the old, bold icon, while the new one is kind of plain.


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Thank you for this release.

Some suggestions. I think that the same command to bring the search bar should also be used to get rid of it. In that way one can press “command shift f” to appear the bar and the same to make it disappear.

Also, for some reason Taskpaper cannot remember the last open files. Yes, I do have “close windows…” in general settings, and the “defaults write com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3 NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true” in the terminal. Nothing seems to work.

I noticed that for some time, the searches are very slow too. Is this something you are aware of?

Again, thank you for everything.

Hi Jesse,

Am I right that the Application Support is back in:
~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/

And not in Containers anymore? see your post

== feek

Hi Jesse,

Is there a way to get the App icon back in Finder for the files associated with TaskPaper? In the previews versions ( < 3.5) there was the (old) red icon. Now only a white “preview”.


Do you now how I get back the T✓ icon?

== feek

btw thnx for the new improvements!

Yes, that’s related to me turning the Sandbox back off.

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Thnx, now my symlink to my theme is also working again :+1:

== feek

Maybe, though it’s problematic for people who what to always show the search bar. Cmd-Shift-F means show search bar if it’s not showing, but it also means “Keyboard focus search bar” if it’s already showing. I guess if the search bar already has focus then Cmd-Shift-F could mean hide it… but that gets pretty hard to remember I think. For these reasons I sorta think the current Cmd-Escape to hide it is easier.

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No… can you give me a bit more info on slow searches? Do you mean while typing a search in the search bar, or all searches, such as when you select a search in the sidebar or click on a tag in your document text?

The “handle” is actually a bit to the left of where you are dragging… I think you are dragging in the leading dash in front of task items, which is part of the text. In the previous 3.x releases I was always displaying all handles in the default theme, so it was less confusing. Now I’m only showing a visible handle if the item has child items… cleaner look, but more confusing if you don’t know the trick. Before 3.5 becomes final I’ll implement a feature that shows the handle when you mouse over the item. The should fix the problem I think, but until then there’s a little mystery.

I’m running into same problem myself and am a bit lost… All the related info is declared in TaskPaper.apps embedded Info.plist. It looks correct to me. And I think that I’ve verified that it’s correct because if I change TaskPaper’s declared file extension to something new like “taskpaper2” then everything seems to work correctly.

This lead me to believe that the problem is that the LaunchServices database is out of date. If that’s the case I think the problem will go away if you:

  1. Remove any old versions of TaskPaper
  2. Rebuild LaunchServices database
  3. Maybe reboot once for good luck

I haven’t yet tested this because I didn’t want to remove all the old copies of TaskPaper from my system yet… there are many! But if you are in position to try I would love to hear if it solves the problem.

Mouse-over handle sounds like a great eventual solution, and thanks for the clarification. I think 236 was briefly showing no space between the left edge and the dash, which meant that I couldn’t click in that space either. That’s now fixed. Cheers.

Hi Jesse,

Sorry, has no effect.

Question: do you have installed the MindeNode app?

After the initial install of the first TP preview (236), the .taskpaper files were associated with the MindNode app. I re-associated the .taskpaper files back to TP.

Rebuilding the LaunchServices database, the .taskpaper files were associated again with the MindNode app and not Taskpaper.

== feek

Hi Jesse,

even a total removal of Taskpaper, including prefs, caches, com.hogbaysoftware.taskpaper3.sfl a.o. and (save) restart did not help :frowning:

Yes, I think that might be part of the problem. I just looked in the MindNode Info.plist and it seems they are doing things correct (so far as I can tell) … they are declaring themselves as Viewer and are importing/not exporting the TaskPaper format. But for some reason they are still getting preference over TaskPaper.

Also does MindNode fail to open TaskPaper files for you? I get a message saying “The document could not be opened”. Though I know it was working before.

Yep, :frowning:

It doesn’t look like theme customization is working correctly in the release. Tried updating like the docs mentioned and not seeing any changes reflected in the editor.

I think it’s working, just the docs are describing the current 3.3 release, not the 3.5 preview release… and the locations have changed.

To create/edit your theme in 3.5:

  1. Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder
  2. Create a new stylesheet or edit and existing one
  3. The style rules for actually creating stylesheets are still pretty much the same… some new rules, but I don’t think any old ones have been removed.
  4. If you dig into TaskPaper’s application bundle and look for base-stylesheet.less you can see all the default rules.
  5. Make sure the edited stylesheet is selected in the Window > StyleSheet list.

In this release, I’m getting a visible and empty searchbar when I launch the app (and a previous document is reopened), regardless of my setting for auto-hiding it; I do have the “hide when not searching” checkbox checked in prefs.