TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (236)

No that does not help :frowning:

And a new files saved via TP does not open via Finder

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That’s not so nice, so it would be nice when you could implement a custom style folder (via preferences) so one can e.g. sync the files.

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Odd, I just checked and it doesn’t seem that I changed anything in the Info.plist (vrs 3.3) where this is configured. I’m adding to my bug list to investigate.

It looks like some styling rules have also changed. Is there a list of such changes?

Left side: 3.3.2, right side: 3.5 preview

A bit of nitpicking: the link provided in the 2 empty theme files is not live:

// See http://guide.taskpaper.com/creating_styleSheets.html to get started.

I don’t have a list, but I think the only changes right now are in font and line height. This stylesheet should get you close to 3.3 I think:

@base-font-size: 14;
@font-family: Source Sans Pro;
@line-height-multiple: 1.1;

Note that the font “Source Sans Pro” is no longer embedded with TaskPaper, so you’ll need to install that manually if you don’t already have it installed.

so…after all this…would you ever go back to obj-c or is it swift from here out?

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BugReport TP 3.5 Preview (236)

Crashed when i moved an item to another project with " Cmd + \ " Shortcut

In my view it is inconvenient that the searchbar only shows when a search is active. Could you include an option in preferences so that the searbar shows permanently?


It seems that also the font-size of the project titles have been changed


  • I’am not able to move a project up or down via the sidebar. When releasing the project, the released project becomes a child project.
  • when you release the project on itself, it becomes an copy
  • sometimes TP even crashes

see movie

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I tried to move two selected items using the keyboard shortcut (control+command+up arrow) and TaskPaper crashed multiple times.

I tried moving one item and it worked.

How to make the searchbar something other than white letters on black background, and to increase the searchbar font size? It is difficult to see for low-vision users like me.

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Are you dropping support for Yosemite in all coming versions?


I’m not able to reproduce this. Can you find a scenario in the “Welcome text” document that reproduces the problem every time?

I haven’t made a final decision, but I expect so now that Sierra is around the corner. I’ve only got two computers I like to keep one on the latest OS and one on the last. Developing for a OS that I’m not running is hard because it means I can’t easily do any testing.

Specifics might change going forward, but here are the search bars current styling rules. You can add these (and change the color values) to your own stylesheet to change searchbar:

searchbar {
  appearance: NSAppearanceNameVibrantDark;
  color: mix(@background-color, @text-color, 80%);
  secondary-text-color: mix(@background-color, @text-color, 50%);
  error-text-color: @tint-color;
  placeholder-color: mix(@background-color, @text-color, 30%);
  background-color: @text-color;
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Yes, I’ll add a preference to not hide it when it becomes empty.

I tried with the Welcome Text and it didn’t happen. I went back to the document where it happened and it didn’t happen as it had happened before.

Thanks for your fast reply!
I’m stuck on Yosemite due to compatibility issues with soft-/hardware.
I would very much appreciate if you would support Yosemite a little longer, until my other stuff catches up.

All the best,