Retaining Deleted Tasks

How to folks cope with tasks that they want to “delete” but keep? I periodically get tasks which are overtaken by events. They don’t really get done they just become irrelevant because of other events.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to tag them up, and critically how to get them moved into the archive on a cmd+shift+a?

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This isn’t something that I do much myself, but two ideas are:

  1. Save your TaskPaper document somewhere that does version control. The Finder can do this (File > Revert > Browse Previous Versions), or for more robust and predictable history use something like github. Benefit here is you can delete outdated tasks, but have a way to recover them if needed.

  2. If you want to more easily find all these outdated tasks in one place then I would suggest creating a separate “Outdated” TaskPaper document that you move outdated tasks into. If you wanted to automate this somehow there are scripts for moving tasks between documents linked to from the extensions page:

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I archive my @done tasks and projects daily.

I created a Keyboard Maestro macro that cuts them out of my TaskPaper document, and then pastes them into a new note in Apple Notes.

That way, they are organized by day, and are easily searchable.

I am very happy with it.

I use a custom script to move my archived tasks to weekly archive files. Here’s the code and some documentation: