Hanging Indents (or other suggestions for cleanly theming multi-line notes)

I’m looking for an innocuous way to have multiple notes in sequence visibly distinct from one another. My preference would be to have a hanging indent but my attempts at this using

text-indent: -28px;
padding-left: 28px;

haven’t worked. I read elsewhere that you can’t do this in FoldingText so I’m guessing maybe it’s the same in TP themes.

What I’ve done for a stop-gap is to color the handle for notes (handles are otherwise invisible in my theme) but I’d prefer the clean look of a hanging indent…any hope? The biggest annoyance with coloring handles is that if I have a stray newline anywhere I get a random floating handle with nothing next to it.

The daytime theme if anyone wants to take a look is at: daytime TaskPaper 3 theme · GitHub

And the nighttime theme: nighttime TaskPaper 3 theme · GitHub

TaskPaper theming syntax is the same as CSS, but the themeable attributes are a small subset. There is no support for text indent or anything similar. More info can be found here.

You can fix that with this rule:

item[empty] {
  handle-color: none;
  handle-border-color: none;
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Also thanks for posting your themes. If you want you can also add links to this page:

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Thanks for the quick reply & advice - I’ve added the links to the wiki.