Feature Request: Always-on-top Window option

I already do use TaskPaper for a multitude of todo lists, it really would be amazing if there were an option to float a particular window on top, so I could have a small taskpaper of open/high priority tasks always on top or perhaps with a configurable level of transparency when it doesn’t have focus. This would be an amazing feature for my work. In the mean time I’ll throw it on screen #4 and see if I use it or forget about it way over there in dashboard land. Thank you for an amazing product!

I’m not sure when/if I’ll add this. But I know that there are some scripts / integrations with other apps, to achieve this sort of thing, by placing tasks in the menu bar. Unfortunately I forget the exact place that I saw the script. It might be added to:

It was posted fairly recently I think… anybody remember or have a link to what I’m talking about?

Thanks Jesse, I’ll do some wiki digging. I tried a couple utilities, Deskovery might show some promise if I disable 90% of what it’s intended for. I need to disable SIP and install its advanced features helper to really see.