TaskPaper Statusbar Helper

Hi Jesse, Dear all!

First I would say I really like TaskPaper. I tried different other apps (Things3, …) but finally I ended with the most natural approach. In order to improve my workflow, which consists of:

  • TaskPaper (MacOS)
  • Taskmator (IOS)
  • Dropbox for device synchronization

I found a little Helper in the Statusbar would be helpful. So I wrote (actually in Python) a little helper, which allows to

  • left-click to unhide window or open TaskPaper and inserting the events for today in a preselected taskpaper file - main ToDo List - at the top / inspiration comes from Things3 :wink:
  • right-click to get a list of all taskpaper files in the dropbox folder, which then can be selected and opened

See the attached figure below for illustration. Maybe this sounds useful also for the community and you will be interested in implementing (I assume this would be not to complicated at all ;-)).


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Thanks for sharing! It’s up to you, but you can also add a link to your helper on this page:


I have to admit, a was a bit excited when opening this post because I thought you came up with something for the statusbar. In any case, thanks for adding another tool for Taskpaper to the existing ones. Actually, there is quite a similar app named TaskBadges from Kitestack Software which is free and which I’ve used for many years. I’m looking forward to try yours now.

Lastly, the educational part: most commonly the statusbar is placed on the bottom of the window:

On the Mac the thingy at the top is referred to as “Menu bar”.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply and the link to TaskBadges. My intention was to still use the TaskPaper app, but only to add some additional features, which allows

  • to insert some dynamical information into a task paper e.g. the today’s events, and
  • to start the app and to open the task papers from the “bar”

Of course “status bar” can be considered as bar on the bottom of a window and “menu bar” as the top bar in macOS. However, basically from a programming point of view the status bar is a part of the system-wide menu bar: see NSStatusbar as reference for that :wink:

Cheers, Andy


Since you show up Sublime Text. May be you know already, there is a nice extension for Sublime Text, allowing to use taskpaper formated files: PlainTasks

And here you also have informations about the status of your tasks in the “status bar” (see attached image). sublime