TaskPaper 3.6 Preview (285)

  • Import reminders as “task” item
  • Default Reminders list sorts to top
  • Lossy import options for Reminders…
    So for example you’ll be notified when you import a reminder with metadata (location based alarm for example) that won’t get imported into TaskPaper.
  • Imported Reminders insert before current item
  • Removed unused (font, color, orientation) items from editor context menu
  • Maintain focus item and search when open file is modified outside TaskPaper

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Huzzah! Thank you so much for this update. :smiley_cat:

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@jessegrosjean regarding Import Reminders: items are getting imported as notes (without prepended dash). Is this intended or am I missing something?

Any chance of excluding lists that interact with TP? I don’t need to see my long grocery and gift lists every time :wink:

Or just a selection of which lists to include would also work.


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Hum… it was intended but kinda seems wrong now that I think about it.

You can change your “Default List” in reminders, and then check the TaskPaper preference "Always use Reminders.app > Default List. If you do that then TaskPaper will only ever show the default list. It will also skip the list selection step when exporting reminders.

I’m aware of how that works. Not sure if I am a corner case but I do have more than one list that is relevant to TP. For example I have the following lists I keep reminders for tasks that I also keep in TP --> Chores, Bills, Yearly, LongTerm

My wish is that I can just select the lists that I would like to see in TP pop up.

If multiple list selection is not possible and only one list is provided as an option, can it be something other than the default list? Like designating a TaskPaper list that is not default in Reminders. Using Siri, the default list is the easiest way to add things without explicitly calling out a list to add to. The default list then turns into a sort of Inbox of reminders that don’t all need interaction with TP.

Again, I may be a corner case but I have seen similar setups of others who regularly use reminders.

I’ve just posted preview (285) that changes this.

Thanks! Small feedback: of the 3 items in my Reminders Inbox it only imports / shows the first 2.

can it stop inserting an autospace when using “Tag With” please?

Not sure what you mean… can you give more detail.

Did you just type these items … Reminders app doesn’t really save an item until you remove the text cursor from the line that you are editing. So I think what’s happened is you typed items one, two, and three in reminders … but aren’t seeing “three”? If that’s the case remove focused from typing in item “three” and it should show up.

That’s exactly what happened… thanks for teaching me :slight_smile:

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say i’m at the end of typing a task, after you type the last word and type a space, natural habit, then hit command+t to use “tag with” it inserts a space and then the tag.

edit: maybe i just need to change my use of “tag with”. i think i see why it’s behavior of inserting the autospace and needed

Ahh I see what you mean… so yeah I would first recommend just avoiding manually entering that extra space at the end. But I’ll update things in the future so that if you do have whitespace at the end already TaskPaper won’t insert that extra space when adding a tag. This change will come in 3.7 though, 3.6 is already submitted to Apple.

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awesome, thank you!

I’ve played with 3.6 some recently, and I really like both the reminders export and the date popup. Here are a couple of wishlist items for those features - apologies if they’ve been mentioned elsewhere before.

  1. The Reminders export adds a due date based on the content of a @due tag, which is really handy. At least in my usage scenario, it would be even more helpful to have the export add the current date as a due date for tasks with the @today tag. To keep the Reminders list manageable, I wouldn’t want to send tasks over there unless they needed short-term attention, which is what the @today tag gets used for.

  2. Would it be possible for the Insert Date command to evaluate whether the cursor is positioned in a tag, and if so, return the date string enclosed in parentheses?

Any feedback on this request?

I won’t be changing things for 3.6. That will be released pretty much in current state. Going forward I might look into your idea, but it requires extra time/work of course. I expect I’ll probably work on something else first, and see what kind of border feedback I get on the reminders feature in the first place.