TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (236)

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Thanks. Like seeing Tags and Searches seperated. Would love to see all sections on sidebar collapsable though, Projects, Searches, Tags.

Also seeing you now have an alphabetic sort applied to searches. Not liking that too much as I have my searches in a priority order that I use them in. I now use the order that I arrange them to but if this version stays I will have to put a number in front of each search to make sure it arranges correctly in the sidebar. Workable but a curious change.

Also not sure what happened to all the font colors and sizes I was using for my tags. Hoping this gets back to how it was or I can begin to understand how to tweak this theme.less code if it has changed. Took a look at your punch list of items Done, Backlogged, etc. It looks like you are already aware of this beta version not using tags with styles like before so I will leave you to it.

As always thanks very much for all the hard work.

Since dragging but the handle is so important (dragging text creates a duplicate that you don’t really want to see - which I can see you are working on), I would like to suggest that making the little circle where you have to click to drag a line is a little small and could be larger. I think it would be much better if it was a square and fully sized to the line it is ahead of.

I have to really concentrate to click on that lightly colored and very small circle now to drag it. A bigger area to grab to drag would be very useful.

just had a hard crash when I was playing with my stylesheet and had a line with bad syntax. Taskpaper wouldn’t open at all until I fixed it.

It used to use the default stylesheet with bad syntax before.

i’m no stylesheet expert but I changed this line and it made the circle/handles bigger:

@ui-scale: 2;

@mylevelbest There’s actually a more direct way:

editor {
  item-handle-size: floor(7 * @ui-scale);

And just modify that value 7 to be larger.

Thanks for the report, will get that fixed.

Thanks and to the point, has the theme.less file been altered in this new beta version? Are we talking standard theme.less here, or some other from of style sheet? I no longer show my tweaks to tag color and font size that I use in my non beta version.

it happened on that ui-scale line when I forgot the ;

i messed up some other lines and it didn’t crash and defaulted to a plain text view

Thanks, that helps. It is still a faint orange color and hard to see. Can I add to that command and darken it or fill it with a color?

Trying: item-handle-color: rgb(50, 100, 50);

No getting a change.