TaskPaper 3.3 Preview (216)


Added Expand/Collapse Commands:

  • Added View > Expand Items
  • Added View > Collapse Items
  • Added View > Expand All By Level
  • Added View > Collapse All By Level

Hold down “Option” key for a “Completely” variant of each item.

Removed Redundant Commands:

  • Removed View > Fold
  • Removed Items > Indent
  • Removed Items > Un-Indent

Please use the explicit Expand/Collapse commands for folding. Use “Tab” and “Shift-Tab” instead of the Indent and Un-Indent menu items. I think any short term pain this causes will make TaskPaper a more nimble and focused app long term.

Improved Item Movement in Filtered Views:

  1. Moving items should never “capture” hidden items as children.
  2. No additional items should appear on screen when moving items.

Added New ”filtered" Item Handle State:

This state joins the existing “Expanded” and “Collapsed” states. Filtered state indicates that some children are visible and others are filtered out of the display. Click a filtered handle to expand it to show all children.

  1. Expanded – Dim empty circle
  2. Collapsed – Bright filed circle
  3. Filtered – Dim filled circle

Other Changes:

  • Improved alert messaging when opening invalid file links.
  • Fixed leading spaces from being removed from pasted text.
  • Fixed periodic broken “Tag With…” toolbar popup menu state.
  • Fix crash when inserting new item into empty document.
  • Maintain full line selection when move item to end of list.

Theme Additions:

  • Added filtered item attribute for themes to query.
  • Added handle-size item style property.
  • Added handle-border-color item style property.
  • Added handle-border-width item style property.



Newest doesn’t archive done tasks anymore upon hitting the keyboard shortcut. It just starts flashing black. I would send a copy of my file, but I just tried it on the welcome text and get the same bug.


Thanks, I’ll release a fix later today.


I’ve just bumped the preview to release #212 and updated the above post to describe changes.


@jessegrosjean Thanks for these added folding options. I find them really useful. Like really really useful. Love expand/collapse all by levels. Very elegant implementation.


I’m finding a quirk with 213 (perhaps also existed in previous beta). The circles that one would click for opening and closing subitems are not longer as big as they were before. Yet both versions of TaskPaper (3.2 and new 3.3 preview) use the same application folder. What has changed? If the change is permanent and not a bug, how can I get the circles to be bigger again?

Here’s the 3.2 theme look:

Here’s the 3.3 preview look:


Thanks… this is a bug. I’m just forgetting to read the value out of the theme file correctly.


I’ve just bumped the preview to release 215. It fixes sizing problems with item bullets. Also removes redundant Item > Indent and Un-Indent commands. This will be the final version unless any major issues come up.


@jessegrosjean I may be seeing a bug. I have a file with a few level 1 headers. Here’s a 2.5 minute video to show you what I’m experiencing:

The folding up by levels problem is on both my computers (iMac and MBA 13). The open problem shown only seems to be happening on my iMac. Both computers are using 10.11.5


Yeah something’s odd here. I’m fixing some bugs in fold by level, but haven’t yet reproduced exactly what I see in your movie. I’ll have a new release for you to try in a bit.


I just posted release 216, I think it should fix both problems. Can you give it a try and let me know?


@jessegrosjean using my iMac 27 the folding now works correctly. Won’t be able to test on my MBA until late this afternoon. However the new version introduced 2 new problems, both non-folding related:

  • text now appears smaller than designated in my theme (project text seems fine, but item text underneath is smaller, and perhaps a different font)
  • the circles one clicks on for fold/unfold have once again gotten smaller again and no longer reflect what’s designated in the theme

Since you were able to fix the “circle issue” quickly before, I’m guessing both of these are easy adjustments/fixes to make.

Thanks for your work on the folding shortcuts. It makes for a much cleaner, better way to work with a TaskPaper project.


Hum… are you sure you didn’t just zoom out? I don’t see any style changes in my version. Things to try:

  1. View > Actual Size (note keyboard shortcut is gone for this, so much access item manually)
  2. Send me your custom theme and I’ll take a look.


Jesse: Just sent you a private email with my theme. But the issue wasn’t zooming out.


Is there any chance of reconsidering the removal of the Fold command?

Personally I don’t find it redundant at all; It’s one keyboard shortcut to use instead of two (to expand/collapse) an item, and also it’s much faster while I have my right hand on the arrows instead of jumping up between 9 and/or 0.

Also I’ve been using it like it’s my job, so I am all out of sorts :slight_smile:


I second that motion for all the outlined reasons :slight_smile:


@Kleanthis_Economou @daniel I really want people to try to get used to the other commands in this release. It’s a muscle memory switch which is a pain for sure. But the I really think it does make the app better long term to get peoples hands near the full range of expand/collapse commands and remove multiple ways to do the same things.

Couple options:

  1. You could remap the keyboard shortcuts for expand/collapse to Command-, and Command-. That was my original choice, but Command-, is standard for showing preferences… which doesn’t need to be done often… but still didn’t want to run over the standard.

  2. The “Fold” function is still in the codebase… used when you click on bullet with mouse. I can expose that in the next release so you could access it with a keyboard shortcut through a script.


Yes. But what should happen if I use Expand/Collapse by level? In fact nothing happens - and there is a level :slight_smile:


Make sure that you are using preview 216. Then when you collapse by level it should be that the deepest level of non-collapsed items becomes collapsed (document wide). And so on until all items are collapsed.

Expand by level should work in reverse. To expand your outline level by level.


I appreciate where you’re coming from. Tools and their availability influence, and form our habits and muscle memories. So, we will be forced to change and in a few days it will be over with. If I was using Collapse/Expand All by Level all the time, it makes sense the same action for a single item has very similar mechanics; and indeed it does.

But here is the pickle. For me, this addition (Expand/Collapse all by Level) is not a highlight, and here is why: I keep most, if not all my top level items folded. Then I Go In/Out all day and focus in an item that I am doing, or a group of items that I want to get a high level view to understand the lay of the land. In fact, this is the reason I love TaskPaper. Now, if I Go In and then Expand All by Level, at face everything is great and I swoon a little bit, but when I Go Out my top level items have been also impacted by Expand All by Level.

One can argue “Well, the name implies that”. Fine, but this is not what I find useful in my workflow. I would like it to impact only the items that are “downstream” of what I am looking at - so at top level, sure go ahead and impact everything. If indeed it is meant to impact the whole document and not only downstream items if you are In something, then no problem but for me it’s a feature I will use very sparingly. Which brings me full circle to why Fold as a single shortcut is useful - to me.