Taskmator good with TaskPaper?


I recently ran across Taskmater as an iOS app that claims it is a TaskPaper client. Do people have any experience using this iOS app? Does it really work well with TaskPaper?


It’s adapted from the old TaskPaper iOS app which was open-sourced. I prefer using Editorial bc it’s more of a text editor and less app-like, if that makes sense, but TaskMator works fine.


Thank you very much. Useful to know about TaskMator, and Editorial as well!


Taskmator is the one I prefer because it lets me re-order and indent whole lists and sub-lists (tap, hold and drag). I also like how it lets me swipe from right to left on the parent item (with many sub-items), select cut, and paste the list below another line from which I do the same right-to-left swipe, then select paste.


Pascal: Thanks so much. I’m going to try both (I already have Editorial). However I seem to be unsuccessful in linking to the relevant Dropbox folder.

I have all my task paper documents in Dropbox at:


The instructions say the default address is:


and then you can change to the address you prefer. But I have tried various things and nothing works. How do you work out what’s the correct address? Nothing seems to work for me. For example, I put in:


but nothing appears during syncing. Do I need to put in something to replace the tilda? Other?


You may want to look at this topic as well:


Do I need to put in something to replace the tilda? Other?

Have you tried just putting /taskpaper into the “Link Folder” field? Or Maybe /TaskPaper (make sure you match the case of the folder)?


I prefer Taskmator over Editorial (because of the list UI), however with Taskmator sometimes I get conflicting files on Dropbox for no apparent reason (no simultaneous editing or so). I wasn’t able to narrow down the issue, but I’ve never seen this when opening files with Editorial.



Thanks so much. The “simpler” solution you suggested worked just fine! Many thanks.


Thanks. I’ll play around with both Editorial (which I already have) and TaskMator to see which I like better. I appreciate the link.



Thanks. I’ll keep my eyes open for this possible scenario.


I first bought Taskmator, but hardly used it because I found it cumbersome to use. Later I purchased Editorial and I like it better and actually use it now and then to edit my todo list on my iPhone.
Good luck,


My wife and I both rely on Taskpaper and Taskmator. The “killer feature” for us on Taskmator… swipe right to strikethrough! Crazy. That little bit of human engineering is what kept us off of Editorial for task management… though Editorial is still command central for editing markdown on iOS. The Taskmator developer is still releasing updates in 2017.


My gripe about Taskmator is that it does not fully adhere to the TaskPaper format specs. For example, if I create a task and then delete the hyphen at the beginning of the line, that line will not be reinterpreted as a note and will still appear as a task. Likewise, retroactively adding a hyphen at the beginning of a note does not convert the line into a task. This is very counterintuitive and antithetical to the plain-text values of TaskPaper. I have contacted the developer but he has been unwilling to sympathize. This is all very unfortunate because it is the only reason, albeit an important one, that prevents me from using the app.


To work well with TaskPaper, I think Taskmator needs to be able to save changes to a file so I can see those changes in TaskPaper, but Taskmator seems to insist on creating a brand new file. For those recommending Taskmator, how do you do this?
In detail, here’s what I do:

  1. In Taskmator, open a file on iCloud created with TaskPaper.
  2. In Taskmator, make a change.
  3. In Taskmator, select Export To Cloud Storage.
  4. In Taskmator, select the location of the original file.
    At this point, Taskmator will let me save only if I name the file to something else.


I too get too many conflicted files with Taskmator and dropbox, has anyone found a solution


The “hidden hyphen” issue is my #1 gripe.


1Writer is not specifically designed for TaskPaper files, but is a very good general text-note handler which:

  1. syncs with Dropbox and other services, and
  2. includes a JavaScript scripting interface.

See, for example:

Not impossible that it may acquire some TaskPaper specific support:


Dear Glennj999, Please try this suggestion and let me know the result:

  1. Unlink from your dropbox account
  2. Delete Taskmator
  3. Reboot your iOS device
  4. Reinstall Taskmator
  5. Link to your dropbox account

As, I am unable to produce this issue in the latest App Store version. Will try my best to produce it and will investigate on it in future. Thanks!


Dear Bostonsquad, Please try the latest version. This is working good in the latest version. Export and Import both functionality will ask user to either “Replace” or “keep both” files in cloud storage ( during export) or in Taskmator app (during Import).