Taskmator good with TaskPaper?


I like Taskmator, but I just can’t figure out how to show my due tasks – and it renders the app pretty useless for me.

I’m very new to TaskPaper (I’m still in my 7Day trial period). And on the mac, I love the app. But in order to make my workflow practical, I’m trying to show all due tasks on my phone (either in Taskmator or even Editorial), but so far I failed to be able to make it happen on either.

In TaskPaper, I’m simply searching for “@today union @due <[d] tomorrow”, and it works beautifully. On my phone, I just can’t figure out how to make that happen.

Any ideas?


TaskPaper 3 added pretty much a whole new query language. Taskmator’s query language is based on TaskPaper 2, which was quite a bit less powerful. Unless there have been additions, I’m pretty sure that Taskmator won’t be able to do the date based query that you have listed. I would email TaskMators developer for there suggestion on the best alternate query.


Thank you so much for your response Jesse.
Hm. I guess then I’m out of luck there?
I tried to implement this workflow to the Editorial app http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5867115714183168/xGNRsW6uGhA, (and changed the tag in the script to ‘due’ tag instead of ‘start’), but alas it’s not working. The script doesn’t change anything in Editorial when I run it.


@enno — first, I’d suggest adding a comment to the workflow that you linked to. The author may see it and either answer your question, or update his workflow.

If you don’t need to see today plus one day, then you are in luck, as I have found two workflows that may help:

This one focuses on a specific date: http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5892670903812096/RaFvdaXlMqU

And this one shows all items that contain a specific tag: http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5809545569894400/0P6sOPI4rU0

Very brief video showing these in action:


Thanks writemator, I’m confirming that works now!
That makes writemator much more useful for me.



Certainly not in the near term. Maybe sometime in the future, but it’s not something that I’m working on (or thinking about working on) at this point.