Tag with multiple values?@chapter(1,2,7,14)

I am using TaskPaper to track my character “cards” in my writing. I want to list via tag the chapters each character appear in. What is the best way to do this please?

Can I do it by @chapter (1,2,7,14) or do I need to do @ch1 @ch2 @ch7 @ch14?

Or is there a better way?

If the chapters are projects (or nested sub-projects), and you have a unique tag for each character ( @Jim etc ) you would only have to use each character’s tag once per chapter to get a chapter list for each character.

The saved listing filter for showing Jim’s chapters, for example, might be:


i.e. “list the ancestors of type ‘project’ for all instances of @jim

( if the @jim tag occurs at several points in the project or nested sub-project, that project will still only be listed once)

You might even just be able to match mentions of a character’s name (rather than tag) (unless it turns up as a sub-string of common words)


As @complexpoint says there are lots of different ways to organize things in TaskPaper. But for your specific question, the “best” way to model things given the two options that you suggest is to use @ch1 @ch2 @ch7 @ch14. By best here I mean the way that would be easiest to use TaskPaper’s built in features… such as click tag to filter by tag, autocomplete tag, etc.

With that said you could also model it the other way and probably get it to work fine too, though you might need to be a bit finicky about how you do searches and record chapters in the tag value.

There has been some talk about more built in support for lists of tag values. It’s in my list to think about, but so far there is no built in support for that sort of thing.

Thank you. That is working well, and transfers to FoldingText well also, which seems to be a better fit for this application.

Found this thread and wanted to chime in… In TaskPaper 3 you can search for @chapter contains 1. I use multiple tag values like this :slight_smile: