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Could you please pin this to the top of the posts? It would be a great thing to do, because it is not easy to search. I also keep a list of all the links to the posts that include scripts in a way or another. If we have something like that for Scripts, it would be really great.

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I’ve just renamed this to make it suitable for themes, scripts, etc. I don’t know if it should include EVERYTHING that’s ever posted in the forum. But if it’s a reusable something that others can take and use with minimal fuss I think that would be best.

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I keep updating the script list, but I realize that the list needs a better way to organize the scripts. I came up with the following categories and organized all the links I have added to the wiki accordingly, but I want to get some feedback before organizing the scripts. Any help would be appreciated. Here is my list of categories:

  1. Date
  2. Scripting (This is the name I came up of a category that includes script questions, references, and other odd scripts that do not fit any category)
  3. Search and sort
  4. Move, focus. fold/unfold
  5. Taskpaper to other programs
  6. Other programs to Taskpaper

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions? I am not convinced myself of the name of the categories, but I do not want to have so many categories, that it becomes burdensome to look for the right script.

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First thanks for all the help making this list in the first place.

I don’t have any great categorization ideas other then try something, and when you change your mind later, change it :smile: and update the categories. I know, I’m a lot of help.

Thinking a bit more, I guess my only suggestion would be to come up with something a little more descriptive then “Scripting”. Maybe “Uncategorized Tidbits”?

Hi Jesse,
Could you add a subtopic of just search syntaxes that we can add to (and copy from)? Currently, I don’t have the time to program my own, but i found Matt Gemmell’s examples from his blogpost hugely useful (Thank you!). However, i only stumbled upon it.

(Also, i hadn’t understood until his example how one saves searches to the Project list. It might be useful to add examples of persistent searches to the User Guide and to the Welcome text).

I think this particular wiki is open for those who want to add and contribute. I took upon myself the job to keep all the scripts updated, but I keep wishing there was someone who could do the same for the searches. I did the scripts because I had been keeping track and recording all the posts that included a script. If someone was to do the same for the searches, they would have to go back to the beginning of this particular forum and go through every post keeping track of every post that included a search. I do not know if there is an easier way to get it done. Whoever gets it done, might also have to figure out how to organize and categorize those posts; because I noticed that most of those posts include several search syntaxes. Heck, if you want to get started with November, I will do December, and maybe someone else pitches in so that we finish a lot faster.

EDIT: Here is my December list. I can do this while I watch some Tv. I will get started on February.



##March - April
March - April
Including this last two because they affect searches :slight_smile:

Going to bed and read. Now if you can finish the rest, maybe we can organize them or something later :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Victor! How do i browse by month?

I just look at the forum’s index and the date at the right. It is going a lot faster than what I expected.

I must not be seeing the same thing? All I see are Users, Replies, Views, and Activity. (also, very slow access here in China through VPN…)

I go by the activity date. Maybe tomorrow we can finish. Do you happen to have the link to Gemmell’s blogpost?

egads you are fast.

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The original post requesting saved searches
Saved Searches in TP3 - #18 by macdrifter

Displaying search results without parent projects - #2 by jessegrosjean


Search Syntax - display task notes?
Is this a bug or a misusing by myself? - #2 by jessegrosjean
Request: Search feature should optionally show child nodes - #5 by pxquim

@doug Great idea. I think searches are appropriate for this wiki. So as @Victor says … go for it as you see fit :slight_smile:.

Victor (mostly) and I have listed the posts that treat queries, but i don’t know how to add them to the top list.

If you hover over the top post, you will find an icon with a little pencil. Click it and it will allow you to edit that post. I will get to it once I have a moment at work.

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I’ve removed these posts from the TaskPaper extensions wiki to keep that page as a clean index index page, instead of an index pages with mixed in discussion.

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Check this other blogpost. I think it is very good.