Script levels?

I have stayed out of scripting thus far in TaskPaper. But, I am now wondering if something I would like to see done, can be done using a script? It is something that Jessie has mentioned doing in a future version of TaskPaper but, AFIK, the only way to do it now is with scripting.

But then, I am not really clear what the results would look like? Would it be a string of tasks displayed in a Taskpaper document?

What I would like to see is to have a way to pull all the tasks I have with a certain tag together and show them as a list, free from the usual hierarchy that TaskPaper now insists on displaying.

This would allow me to view something like this, showing all instances of the tag @soon:


American Legion Complaint curio:///Users/me/Documents/Curio/Curio%20Projects/VA%20Disability%20Claims.curio?ideaspace=8820751B-2B83-4663-87D2-4278A7B62718&figure=CD4396C8-C9EB-4AAA-AE55-4E6B05964E1A @curio @grandtask
- Gather all the facts so you can write the letter. @soon @altask

Apple Complaint curio:///Users/me/Documents/Curio/Curio%20Projects/Apple%20Complaint.curio?ideaspace=C925C7AB-9DC6-4366-90F3-6304C541DB4B&figure=49EB9401-82AA-42FF-9A57-449819970127 @curio @grandtask
- Gather all the receipts and the facts so you can write the letter. @soon @appletask

Air Force curio:///Users/me/Documents/Curio/Curio%20Projects/USAF%20Records.curio?ideaspace=BF616F72-DEC2-46DA-90D0-3B7084A52995&figure=BBC13E9C-CF06-4678-8302-91214E7FCB51 @curio @grandtask
- Write Commander’s Letter Letter: /Users/me/Documents/\ New\ Organization/Household\ Maintenance/Letters\ Out/Kirkland\ Commander\ Letter.pages @soon @aftask
- Follow up medal request @soon @aftask
- Follow up 377 Med Unit and ask for status on my case. @soon @aftask

Money - curio:///Users/me/Documents/Curio/Curio%20Projects/Money.curio?ideaspace=6A22BC6E-8085-4098-AD48-1CC0712A78ED&figure=89215D11-DCA4-4E5E-BB8A-FD3A528AAA61 @curio @finance @grandtask
Staying on top of things:
- Revisit CenturyLink Account @finance @soon @cltask


As something like this:

  - Gather all the facts so you can write AL letter. @soon @altask
  - Gather all the receipts and the facts so you can write Apple letter. @soon @appletask
  - Write Commander’s Letter @soon @aftask
  - Follow up medal request @soon @aftask
  - Follow up 377 Med Unit and ask for status on my case. @soon @aftask
  - Revisit CenturyLink Account @finance @soon @cltask


The benefit of something like this is that it gives me a list that is easier to focus on and, if each task has a tag of that project then clicking on the tag for any line takes me to the entire task with links to Curio documents and anything else. But, if I could just view the tasks from many different projects with zero hierarchy overhead while viewing the task, that would be great.

Is there a script already out there that can do this? I know Jessie is a fan of always showing the hierarchy. I am not. Showing a hierarchy can be useful. But since TaskPaper is so fast at forming a search just by clicking on a tag, it would be so nice to just see those results - without all the visual clutter of all the hierarchy titles also showing every time.

Added: This idea of scripting in TaskPaper would be a good candidate for a video tutorial as others are shown on this page. Scripting seems to be an aspect of using TaskPaper at advanced and easily customized levels which is still largely a mystery to the average user (like me).

I see now how to install and to use a script. I see that the results are simply how the script affects what is already on a TaskPaper document such as sorting lines at current level (my sample script taken from here).

I still have no clue if my OP example can be done. I am only copying others scripts at the moment.

You may take a look at this post: