Save the state of collapsed/expanded text upon close/open?


First off, wonderful software. Been using this for 2 years and I can’t imagine using anything else…

Question: is there any way to save the state of portions of text that I have collapsed / expanded?

I take a lot of adhoc notes, from top to bottom, and I collapse the top parts so I can see the newest content at the bottom. But when I close/re-open taskpaper, I have to collapse all those sections of text again

TaskPaper should already be doing this for restored documents:

If you leave your document open and then quit TaskPaper then when you reopen TaskPaper that same document should open, and it should restore folding state. If you close a document (or don’t disable “Close windows when quitting an app (see above link)”) then folding state won’t be restored.

When I quit taskpaper, the same document doesn’t open by default. It opens a blank new document. I always have to explicitly open the previously used file.

Perhaps this is why I am seeing this behavior?

Yes that would explain it. More details on how to have your documents reopened can be found here:

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