Retain line focus while removing filter

Here’s a problem I can’t figure out a good way to solve. I have a filter for due and today items. But it doesn’t show the notes for the tasks. So I select the task and remove the filter. But then I lose my place. This is particular bad with large files.

First thought might be to extend the filter to include the notes, or have a second filter which does include them.

I need to implement the “Reveal” command… to handle this sort of thing. It’s goal is to “reveal” the current item in a filtered view in an unfiltered view.

But for this particular case… would it help to have the notes included in the results in the first place. That should be pretty easy to do, can you post your filter?

Extending the filter to include the child note would mostly work.

The “reveal” option sounds ideal. For most views, showing the notes makes sense. But I keep a lot of lengthy notes in my tasks so in this particular view I’d omit them. Mostly a way to get a quick action list. But then I needed the note. I guess I could have mostly duplicate filters.

Overdue @search(@due <[d] today or @today except @done)

This should include the notes too:

Overdue @search(@due <[d] today or @today//* except @done//*)

The “Reveal” command will come back soon. It’s on my list pretty high anyway!

What’s that @done//* there for?

Didn’t expect the done line to show up in this example though.

The first part (before except) matches all the decedents of any matching @due or @today item. The @done//* is there to cancel out all those results in case the original item also had a @done tag. For example if you had marked “Final Guest List” as @done above.

But yeah, my query misses out one individual @dones that are descendants of a @today. This should fix I think:

Overdue @search(@due <[d] today or @today//* except (@done union @done//*))

See. Escape characters are the worst. :wink:

Overdue @search(@due <[d] today or @today//* except (@done union @done//*\))

Thanks though. That does the trick.

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