Refresh filtered list

Is there a simple way to refresh the current filtered view?

For example, when working on a “Today” filtered view, if I remove the @today tag from a task, I’d like to refresh the view (with a shortcut like CMD+R) and get an updated list, without the task I’ve just changed.


There isn’t, adding to my list.

I’m missing an “update view” or “refresh” shortcut, too. Is there some scripting solution for that? It would be especially nice if the cursor position would be preserved…

I’m still waiting for this feature too.

But based on @complexpoint script for a toolbar-less searching interface, I could put up a quick (and dirty *) solution for refreshing the filtered view:

(function () {
    'use strict';

    function TP3Search(strQuery, blnSet) {
        blnSet = (typeof blnSet !== 'undefined' ? blnSet : true);

        function fnSearch(editor, options) {
            return options.set ? (
                editor.itemPathFilter = options.query
            ) : editor.itemPathFilter;

        var ds = Application("TaskPaper").documents;

        return ds.length ? ds[0].evaluate({
            script: fnSearch.toString(),
            withOptions: {
                query: strQuery,
                set: blnSet
        }) : '';

    return TP3Search(TP3Search('', false));


This script doesn’t preserve the cursor position.


* I’m not into Taskpaper Scripting API yet, nor into Javascript for Automation, so…

Thanks! That script is much better than my keyboard Maestro hack…