Quick entry on iOS (Apple shortcuts)

Hi there, having just setup quick entry on my Mac thanks to the great help from the community here, I’m wondering what people have done for quick entry on iOS devices (with or without Apple shortcuts).

I had a look at the options offered by the iOS shortcuts app and see that it allows for text to be both pretended and appended to a file, but wondering how to have text added to a specific project (Inbox).

Also thinking if Taskmator has a built-in widget or iOS shortcut for this.

Hi @taskSloth

I use a shortcut in the iOS app to prepend entered text into my TaskPaper document.

I don’t know of a way to directly enter the task into a project. Sorry!

I just use the shortcut to capture the task. Then I move the task later.

Notes of import:

I have renamed my TaskPaper files to use .txt extensions.

Also, the Shortcuts app will only write to files in its folder on iCloud.

So I store my files there, and open them in the Mac version of TaskPaper, or in 1Writer in iOS. It works.

I hope that helps!

Thanks @Jim - I suspected that this would be the easiest option, albeit not ideal. As I mentioned in my 1st post I wonder if an app such as Taskmator would provide this out of the box - although there doesn’t seem to be too much documentation for the app

Here my collection for shortcuts :v: