Preserve unsaved files on restarting the app

Not sure if this has been already suggested before, but I’d like the ability to keep unsaved files in the application’s cache until they are saved. Sort of like how VS Code and Sublime Text handle this.

This is especially useful when you have a few outlines open and need to restart the app after an update.

This should already be how Bike works… just make sure that the macOS System Setting “Close windows when quitting an application” is NOT checked.

Ah, yes. That setting was enabled by default and I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for the tip.

I wonder how other apps would behave with this unchecked. Generally I dislike the clutter and prefer to close all the windows. It would be nice if this was configurable per application.

I’m going to try adding a preference to Bike with this setting on by default no matter what system setting is. This is been a long-time problem/confusion, maybe default on, and separate from system setting value, will help.

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Thanks, that would be great! On similar vein, please add a setting for “Prefer tabs” as well.

Sorry I’m unlikely to add this, at least not in this release. I want to avoid adding too many prefs (especially duplicate system prefs), and this is the first request that I’ve had for tabs.

Sure, no worries. It’s not super high priority.

I used to find it odd that by default there was no way to open a new empty tab using a shortcut. Cmd + Shift + N would open a copy of the current tab and Cmd + N would open a new window. Clicking the + icon on the tab bar did what I wanted.

This was with “Prefer tabs” set to never. Saw a post here that suggested changing it to always, which made Cmd + N open a new empty tab in the same window. Might be worth considering an override in a future release if it makes sense to you. Or changing the behaviour of Cmd + Shift + N to open an empty tab also works.

The latest Bike preview adds a preference “When Quitting: Close document windows” that overrides the system setting: Bike 1.7 Preview (93)