Bike 1.7 Preview (93)

  • Added setting to close documents when quitting
  • Improved text checking underline updates as you type
  • Improved animations used when splitting and joining rows
  • Improved performance when there are many text decorations
  • Disable spelling, autocorrect, etc in Code formatted text
  • Fixed backspace to match system delete/decompose behavior

I think Bike 1.7 is getting close to release.

My todo list for 1.7 app features is done. At this point I’m just looking for bug reports (send one, send many!) and I also need to work on documentation and maybe a screencast. All said I’m hopeful for a release sometime next week.

Please try this version out. Pay special attention to text checking and corrections behavior. Let me know what needs fixing!

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Here’s the full Bike 1.7 release notes that I’m working. Suggestions welcome.

MacOS text checking–improved

Bike now supports macOS native text checking: autocorrect, substitutions, user replacements, and spelling. It does this while improving upon the system standard behavior:

  • Consistently applies autocorrect as you type
  • Consistently shows correction popup at end of word
  • Consistently shows correction marks and spelling errors
  • Use Delete as a shortcut to undo the previous autocorrect
  • Undo autocorrect only. Don’t undo text that you typed
  • Bounces caret when about to show the correction popup
  • Text checking is disabled in code formatted text
  • Text checking panel shows all options for easy access
  • Text checking panel finds spelling, smart quotes, capitalization
  • Text checking panel is easy to show, use, and hide all with shortcuts

New settings and options

  • Added setting to “Use delete to revert autocorrect”
  • Added setting to for expand level when open document
  • Added setting to close documents when quitting
  • Added new text checking panel options and descriptions

Diacritics and combining characters

  • Added Control-Delete to decompose characters
  • Fixed drawing to stop clipping diacritics
  • Fixed crash when inserting combining characters
  • Fixed backspace to match system delete/decompose behavior

Improved rich text pasteboard support

  • Added support for strikethrough when copy/paste .rtf
  • Changed .rtf encoding to use tab indentation instead of lists
  • Fixed .rtf decoding to better support diacritical characters

Improved text editing actions

  • Added Control-T to transpose characters
  • Added yank: and yankAndSelect: and kill buffer support
  • Added setMark:, deleteToMark:, selectToMark:, swapWithMark:

More features and bug fixes

  • Added key modifiers for opening links in tabs and windows
  • Fixed view update when learning and ignoring spelling errors
  • Fixed animations used when splitting and joining rows
  • Fixed unindent to properly handled collapsed rows
  • Fixed AppleScript api to use non-dynamic colors