Plain Text Document Bug

If I do this: touch test.txt && open -a Bike test.txt Bike happily opens the document, allows me to make formatting changes, and then saves the document with Bike (HTML) formatting back into the ‘test.txt’ file.

A similar error occurs if I just create an empty plain text document with TextEdit and open it in Bike.

If, however, I do this: echo "" > test.txt && open -a Bike test.txt Bike does not get confused and warns me about applying formatting to a plain text document.

I’ve got some bash scripts which create empty text files and open them with an editor – I’d love to use Bike for some of them. This might be a niche use-case but I would expect Bike open any file with a txt extension and not get confused about the formatting.

FWIW, I managed to get something similar done today by accident. Using “create row” Shortcut with “Markdown” selected seems to sporadically create rows with bold formatting even in .txt files.

Similarly, if I run this script on a row in a .txt file, it will apply strikethrough formatting, even though formatting isn’t available via the standard cmd+k option. Outline-spacebar on the same row correctly gives me the “formatting not possible” warning.

Good catch, I think I’ve got this fixed for next preview release.


These automation cases are a little tricker to handle, but I’ve added a note to investigate.