Option to not let smart punctuation hijack cursor?

When using arrow keys to move rapidly up and down from line to line, if I move quickly it’s not a problem, but if I unwittingly let the cursor linger next to a curly quote, it gets “stuck” in this little popup that seems to be offering me a choice of different punctuation marks. Then when I go to start moving with arrow keys again, I have to pause (mental overhead!) and remember to go up or sideways first, to get out of that popup thing, before I can arrow back down. Seems a very small detail when I put it in words, but I find it considerably annoying. I don’t want the popup. I made my curly quote choice for a reason. Just let me leave it alone as text like any other text!

I think this harks back to an earlier conversation about squiggly marks. Even though those now only appear on the active line, I still don’t like them either.

I think I’m willing to add option for this now that autocorrect has own preference panel with lots of room for options. I am interested if there’s something specific about Bike’s implementation that makes it worse then with other apps on Mac OS?

For example I’m seeing pretty much the same behavior in all macOS text fields that have autocorrections… only difference being that they only show the popup for autocorrected text such as teh → the. They don’t show for smart quote corrections, but generally same behavior.

I’m also interested if there are other apps that allow autocorrection, but don’t show these popups? Is there some standard preference option name that I should use?

I never use autocorrection for spelling or word prediction or completion, so I can’t really chime in on that comparison. But for curly quotes, in other apps, the quotes just either come out curly (BBEdit) or instantly become curly (TextEdit)—and then that’s it; I don’t have to think about it or see lingering evidence of that process having occurred. Once it’s there on the screen, it’s just there; that’s what the character is at that spot in the document, just like any other letter. That’s the behavior I prefer.

So yeah, I’m honestly not sure how or where that would get categorized into Settings… :face_with_monocle: