Option to auto-name tab based on first line

I like using Bike to jot down notes. Currently, I have to remember to save each file. It would be convenient to have autosave and autoname features based on the first line. Right now, most of the files I have opened are just called “Untitled”.

Ha, I was just writing back to you saying how I’m in the same boat, but it will mess up standard macOS behavior, and I don’t want to do that.

Except I gave it a quick try and it seems like it might work, and not mess up much. I’m quite please to have titles on all my unsaved notes documents.

I’m gong to live with it for a bit longer and see if there are any problem cases that I haven’t considered, but so far working well.

Anyone have thoughts on how best to generate filename? Right now I’m using the first three words of the first sentence. Seem reasonable?

Ideally, if we have AI, it can help to name the files. Without that, however, the first three letters (excluding stop words such as “a”, “the”, etc) would be okay. If there’s a collision, perhaps add a -1, -2, etc.

iA Writer names the file after the first line, using the first 8 words I believe.

I wonder if there isn’t an argument for something longer (and later more legible, less collision-prone) than that ?

I believe that folder-indexing editors like nvAlt and The Archive use the whole first sentence.

When it comes to naming files, having something more descriptive and short in the tab is preferable. Anything would be an improvement over “Untitled” :slight_smile:

Something from the first line, whatever the number of words would work. What would be nice is to be able to set a tag or colour of the saved file, maybe have a default and changeable in preferences. If I am taking a note for a specific topic that ability would help gather the files easily.

Latest preview release add this. I decided to use first 64 chars of first sentence, minus trailing punctuation.