Bike 1.18 (166) Preview

  • Auto-name “Untitled” documents based on first sentence
  • Don’t allow text with newlines in link editor view

Smaller preview release. Aim is still to get a first implementation of themes/stylesheets into Bike 1.18, but not there yet.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases. Or download directly from Bike’s releases page:

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I think this is fixed in latest preview release:

Nice, it’s helpful that the newlines get converted to spaces now, since it allows the title to show in the preview/link-editing popup. Thank you!

Just a thought – most links I’ve seen in the wild always end at the text boundary, without including extra whitespace as part of the link, and this is how I write my links in Bike as well. From that perspective I wonder whether trimming newlines from both ends by default might make sense?

Perhaps happening already ?

( Here Preview 1.18 – 166 – seems to offer a trimmed string to Save As as a filename )

I think @yurivish is talking about the link editor change, not the generated filenames. You are correct, I am trimming whitespace from the generated file names. Less sure what to do about the “name” part of links.

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For the use case of compiling to an HTML file I made some link elements whose URL is relative to the directory containing the Bike file, eg. a link that links to static/image.png. These links can be created without issue, but clicking on them gives the following error:

This is for this link:

I checked and the same error happens when the linked-to file does not exist.