Moving between sidebar and outline

Am I missing a keyboard shortcut to move between sidebar and outline? I probably am.

Use View > Go to Project (Command-L) to focus the sidebar and then use Tab or Return to go back to the outline.

Also, and probably another “no duh,” is it possible to show only items that don’t have a tag?

That one is trickier. This was possible in TaskPaper 2 when attributes were only created by tags and types were a separated hard coded thing. But now item type is stored as an attribute… so all items always have attributes. I think right now the only way would be a regex that matches tags. This isn’t exact, but would probably be good enough:

not matches "(^|\\s+)@\\W"
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Whoa, whoa, whoa—we can use regex searches?!

Yup… I can never remember regex syntax so it’s not something I normally demo. :slight_smile:

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It works. I don’t know what it means, but it works.

Is it not possible to save it as a search?

You can, but you need to escape the ) so that TaskPaper doesn’t think it’s part of the tag value syntax. Try this:

@search(not matches "(^|\\s+\)@\\W")
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Beautiful. Thanks!

I’m still having some task / projects with tags appearing using this.

Maybe you are using a character set outside the bounds of JavaScripts \w regex match? You might just try this instead:

@search(not matches "(^|\\s+\)@")

Again it’s not a perfect match for tags (will match some things that are not tags), but should work in general.

This brings up nothing at all and comes up in red.

To make it work you need to select the item in the sidebar… not click on the @search tag value in the outline. Then it should work I think. At least I just worked for me.

I’m not getting this to appear in the sidebar. I’m using the following line in TP:

Not Tagged @search(not matches "(^|\\s+\)@")

The @search tag also doesn’t turn grey.

I think you need:

Not Tagged @search(not matches "\(^|\\s+\)@")

A few released back added the requirement that must always escape both ( and ) when embedded in a tag value.

Many thanks, that works!

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