Made a keyboard shortcut for "move to ancestor"

When I’m deep in an outline, I often want to navigate up to the parent of the item I’m working on. Because I couldn’t find a specific keystroke in Bike already, I made a Shortcut (Shortcuts) to find the ancestor of the current row, then go to it. Next, I used Keyboard Maestro to bind it to cmd-opt-UpArrow.

Voila. Now I can press cmd-opt-up to move up levels of the current document, all the way up to the top if want.


Nice! Thanks for sharing, I’ve just added a link from Bike’s extensions wiki page.

For versions of macOS and Keyboard Maestro which are pre-Shortcuts, we could fall back to an execute script action.

For an Execute AppleScript action in KM, perhaps something like:

Expand disclosure triangle to view AppleScript source
tell application "Bike"
    tell front document
        if it exists then
            set selectionRow to selection row
            if class of selectionRow is row then
                set parentObject to container of selectionRow
                if class of parentObject is document then
                    "Top level row"
                    select it at parentObject
                end if
            end if
            "No document open in Bike"
        end if
    end tell
end tell
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