Link UI Design

Changed my mind again, I think I will add links to Bike’s rich text release.

Any thoughts on UI design for working with links in Bike? In particular what apps have your favorite design for create/edit/activate links?

And in particular I think the most difficult part is designs for disambiguating between link activation and placing text cursor within link text. I’m looking through various design myself right now, but want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

This may not be consistent with your broader design vision here, but I think I might personally like a (document ?) view toggle between:

  1. Formatted (clickable) links view, and
  2. Markdown links view: [label](url)

(The latter seems quite a clean way to allow for low-widget editing of label and url, and it’s the format in which links are often copied from other apps for pasting)

(e.g. Luc Beaudoin’s link-copying utility – I forget its name – and my own Keyboard Maestro Copy as Markdown Link macro)

I may not be the best person to ask about UI here though – I happen to be fairly happy with a raw Markdown link display for many day to day purposes. Perhaps just because it lets me see both label and link at a glance)

I just want keyboard shortcuts for adding, removing and activating links.

Yeah, I’m afraid this just doesn’t fit with what I’m trying to do with Bike. In particular I don’t want a separate formatting mode with markdown (or any other) formatting syntax.

Understood – I guessed that was the case : -)

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(And if it turns to be feasible to provide any scripting support there, I can always post-process any links that I’ve pasted from elsewhere in Markdown format, to get them into a more native shape )

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Links will use the same scripting support as other inline attributes. The link attributes associated value will be the URL string.

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