Feature request - ability to add hyperlinks

Is the ability to add hyperlinks on the roadmap?

Working on it now actually. Please see: A few questions for Bike users - #7 by kaxmxngmxk

@Brandon_Klapholz1 Sorry gave you the wrong link. This is what I meant to link to:

Folding Text handles links nicely. I’ve tried out the new rich formatting and this works great. Any plans to add the ability to paste screenshots/images? I think that is the last feature I need to go all in on using Bike all of the time (instead of other apps).

It’s something that I want, but I don’t have any near term plans for it. Unfortunately these sorts of attachments become more complex with macOS sandbox. I will either need to create a new bundle file format, or support a workspace style view, both possible, but quite bit of extra work.

Meanwhle, if you paste links to images in ![label](image url) markdown format, the images can be viewed (and printed) inline by viewing the Bike file through Marked 2


Settings for Marked2 > Preferences > Advanced > Preprocessor:

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Testing out the new preview (69). From a streamlining standpoint, would be great to have the option to automatically grab the title when past a hyperlink.

That could look like one of two behaviors:

  1. If text is highlighted, still have the option to turn that text into a hyperlink
  2. If a link is pasted directly, automagically grab the title and make a hyperlink with it.

So if I were to open a new document and paste:

Bike would go get the title for the page and automatically create a nice formatted hyperlink:

Similar to, but more simple than, what iOS/Mac does when pasting a link in iMessage.

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Additional thought, would be great if something similar could be done for Bike files, even autocompleting them. So if I want to link to another Bike file, I could start typing and it would offer me options of other Bike files in the same folder, if I select one auto create a hyperlink using the title of the other bike file.

You can get this by:

  1. Tapping ⌘⌥M on a web-page (Safari or Chrome), or in various other kinds of application, to copy a (title, url) pair with the help of this Keyboard Maestro macro
  2. Pasting straight into Bike, where it will automatically produce a blue hyperlink, displaying the title.

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Are you sure this works in safari natively? ⌘⌥M just minimizing the window when I’ve tried it

It’s defined by the Keyboard Maestro macro. You need to install that first, and you can then assign any alternative hotkey that you prefer.

Green code button at:

RobTrew/copy-as-md-link: macOS Keyboard Maestro macro group – single keystroke to copy MD links from different applications.

then Download Zip

PS – re its title – the macro originally copied only copied the (Title, URL) pair as a plain text MD link.

Now it places additional Bike link and RTF link content in the clipboard, so that you can directly paste into Bike, MSWord, TextEdit, etc, as well as into plain text editors