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No, so far I haven’t tried these possibilities. For now, I am happy to have a straightforward editor to access my todo list on my phone while on the move.
I am not yet familiar with workflows and ways of adapting Editorial (I do not have a background in coding so my learning curve to try out such possibilities is a bit steep unfortunately).


I think the easiest way to do capture on iOS is to just use Drafts to prepend to a text file in Dropbox (or your cloud service of choice).


you don’t need to be a scripting guru to use editorial, trust me. i know very little about python, and when i need to use it there are tons of examples out there to copy and hack on. there are a ton of community actions for Taskpaper that do all kinds of stuff in Editorial.

what is it you’d like to do? i maybe able to help.

also don’t forget about Taskpaper being able to import iOS Reminders within the app.


Thank you for the encouragement and offer to help. I will take a closer look at the workflows (at this moment I do not have specific ideas what I would like to do with Editorial besides having access to my todo list).


it’s really easy. Zorn has developed Editorial to be super user friendly without having to compromise on “power user” features. you’ll be amazed once your toes get dipped in the pool. hell, i stopped playing games on my iOS devices just to come up with workflows for fun for awhile. after got my mac though my iOS devices went back to gaming. :wink:


I see many people finding it hard to use TaskMator on iOS, but that’s not been my experience. I like using TaskMator very much, and have been using TaskPaper on iOS (it’s predecessor) from the beginning. I love it.

The way I write TaskPaper files relies on indenting, re-ordering, and moving parts of the documents around.

I love the swipe from the right gesture, which gives me the ability to cut a whole section and to paste it somewhere else.

I also love how quick it is to change a new line type: just keep pressing enter to cycle through.

I also use the focus-on-a-project mode, which isn’t like hoisting, but it works for me.

Hope this helps.


FT user here, but FWIW I’d also vote up Editorial. The workflow repository needs a bit of an overhaul; it’s difficult to see which version of a workflow is most recent, and there are a few broken/updated workflows around, but Editorial is mostly straightforward to use. Actually, you’ll get basic Taskpaper support out of the box— tag formatting, folding and checkboxes for tasks…

Personally, I use a mix of Editorial (heavy lifting), Drafts (quick capture and ad hoc lists) and Workflow (easier capture tasks from other apps via share sheet direct to taskpaper file in Dropbox).


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