iOS companion app

hi Jesse

will there be again an iOS version too or… recommended iOS comapanion is…?

looks only Taskmator and, I believe, Editorial (which goes well beyond what I need) are still actively developed and hopefully updated once TP3 will be out


I don’t have any plans to do an iOS version right now.

ok, thank you Jesse

think I can’t go wrong with Taskmator, while waiting for “right now” to become “back then” :wink:

I would be very interested in working on an official (or unofficial) TaskPaper 3 iOS application.

I’m not interesting in having an official iOS client but I would encourage any apps that can read/write TaskPaper files.

I recently began using Taskpaper, as an outliner for writing, more than as a task manager. What iOS options are available? Taskmator and Editorial haven’t been updated since 2015, which is a wee bit worrisome.

If it’s just a choice between these two, which app one would be better for editing longer Taskpaper files, mostly made out notes? (I’m guessing Editorial, but without a trial, I’m not sure.)

Neither app supports focusing/hoisting. Editorial supports folding headings, and I’m not sure about Taskmator.

All this will be on an iPhone, so I don’t expect to do any serious writing. Mostly I want to be able to review my work and add or edit a sentence here and there.

Sorry I’m not really sure. I don’t use iOS myself except for games/movies and am quite out of the loop about productivity apps on iOS.

I think Editorial is generally the more popular program (since it does things other then TaskPaper) and for a while seemed to be the one that all the geeky people who I follow on twitter/blogs were excited about. I’m surprised to hear it hasn’t been updated in so long.

I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that TaskMator supports a quick way to filter by project. Not quite the same as hoisting, but unless you have deeply nested lists pretty much the same.

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I have Taskmator, but hardly/never use it. I find the editing too cumbersome. Just as you I am on the lookout for an alternative.


@jessegrosjean I hear ya. Every time I have to spend half-a-minute in iOS to select some text, copy it, switch app, paste it and edit it – which would take me a third of the time on a Mac – I wonder at the people who use it on their main device.

I am thinking of trying to revise text in Taskpaper format on a phone (and not even the Plus). So the joke’s on me, probably :smiley:

@Paul Thanks for pitching in about Taskmator. It does look more suited for those who need a task manager/reminder app. Editorial looks more substantial for working with text.

I tweeted the Editorial dev about the lack of recent development. I am sympathetic to slow development. It comes up a lot with Sublime Text, which is my favorite text editor. Its development has slowed a lot. But it’s a solid app that’s been around for nearly a decade. I don’t know how mature Editorial is, but maybe it has reached that stage and needs only occasional maintenance. If I hear back from him, I’ll let you know. Might be worth trying out anyway. I don’t see any other option.

I didn’t get an update from the dev about Editorial, but I did get one from a user that was reassuring enough:

Unless you need screen size for iPad pro, there’s nothing in Editorial that is in urgent need of a fix, and there are a ton of scripts out there for working with TP. This was my take, written well before Editorial supported TP syntax natively:

I find I use TaskMator for checking stuff off and Editorial for serious editing, search, etc. not sure why😬

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I bought Editorial last night and it looks pretty sweet for, as @derickfay put it, “serious editing, search, etc.”

The folding feature is good but I’d love it if there was a focus/hoist feature.

Thank you for the update.

I find the editing in TaskMator finicky.

After you’ve worked with it a bit, I would love to hear your experience: is adding and editing entries in a TP file in Editorial relatively hassle-free?

Thank you,

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Some historical context first. TaskMator is probably 90% TaskPaper for iOS that Jesse shelved and made the source free for others to carry on a couple(?) years ago. I just reinstalled TP on my iPad from purchased apps to have another comparison. While the TaskMator developers have made some respectable enhancements here and there I agree, it’s finicky as all heck to manage. If someone was to take on building a new iOS app you’d want to scrap that UI and look to the recent Mac codebase for excellent inspiration.

I’ve used Editorial on and off for over 3 years now and it’s a malleable beast that can be as simple or complex as you wish. The foundational TP support is there, but the enhancements by user Workflows take it even further. You would be looking for one such as this to achieve Project Focusing. Browse around that repository to see all else that is possible, besides writing Workflows yourself! And you can add your own custom keyboard shortcuts as well: I have CMD+D assigned to @done and CMD+SHIFT+A to Archive.

Of course the historical lack of updates, in a sort of binge and purge fashion, is the most troubling. The last official update was 1.5 years ago, and the only one before that was after 1 year!! And for free. I would have gladly paid the measly $5 he charged for it again to keep it alive. I have the utmost respect for Ole’s talents—both Pythonista and Editorial continue to be groundbreaking iOS-limit defying apps. But this lack of updates (or even forthcoming communication about it) has left many begrudgingly running to other options. (I’ve long since moved my Markdown writing to 1Writer and now predominantly Ulysses since it’s solid Dropbox folder support).

Ole has freely admitted that Pythonista is his predominant focus and source of income. Editorial shares some of that codebase then goes off in the text editor tangent that it is. The only usable way to currently run it on iOS10 and an iPad Pro is to ask Ole for a TestFlight access to the more recent beta. But if you find it intriguing like I still do, please both buy it and express your concerns about it getting an update soon.


My current workflow is as follows:

I have a main taskpaper file split into projects on dropbox and add my to do’s to that

  • On iOS I use Fantastical to save things (into iCloud reminders) while I am out and about and when those things just pop into your head
  • Once back at Mac I Import all (shift select) reminders using the command pallet.

I also use an Alfred script to add stuff on Mac to TP using keyword do

I sometimes have to open my main list on iOS and I still use Taskmator, good as read only for the list and although it can be fiddly, its ok for crossing stuff off and moving things about when on the move but creating new items iOS reminders is the easiest way for me.

If i have to assign tasks to other people I take the item out of TP and add it to Trello via Slack team.

I have only just gotten into this workflow as I use to use an app called Flow for to dos and team work but it become too expensive for what it was…

My ideal App would be Later ( into a TP doc or even just to iCloud reminds… with perhaps a basic list view as well - not sure I have the time to make it… is there a good dropbox swift API yet ?

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A quick note that the author of Editorial mentioned on Twitter today, that he’s submitted an update for review to Apple, which contains Split View and iPad Pro support, among other things.

He’s also reduced the app price from $9.99 to 4.99, so if you were on the fence about getting Editorial, now’s an extra good time to, though I would have been willing to pay another $9.99 for an IAP to get Split View :slight_smile:


This update is available from 20170118 on the U.S. App Store. The features @solarce mention work well.

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thank you for the update − I just purchased the app, looking forward to give it a try as an alternative to TaskMator.

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Update from my side: I like Editorial very much, it works very nicely and smooth. I am happy with the purchase and glad that I now have a more friendly tool to connect with my Task Paper projects/actions list.


How are you handling capture on iOS since Editorial is your iOS app?

Are you using the Reminders integration on macOS? Do you also try to do Reminders stuff on iOS via an Editorial workflow?

I’ve been experimenting with using for the capture, as it even allows for dictation based capture on watchOS, but I’m not at a point where I’m ready to share my stuff as a usable thing for others.