SaveIt – iOS companion app for quickly capturing thoughts


So I built the iOS companion app that I wanted. It is currently rejected from the Store as it is considered too minimal and so fails under criteria 4.2.
Will be adding a few more some UX features but I dont think Ill get through.

I welcome code comments and contributions.

iOS companion app

It’s hard to imagine… Could you please post a screenshot here?


From how I understand it, concept is minimal simplicity to send to iOS Reminders app which then at some point syncs to MacOS Reminders. How then would it sync back into Taskpaper?

As a workaround, you could perhaps use iOS Workflow app to then send to an iCloud/DropBox list that Taskpaper reads.


OK, I see. Thanks for the screens. Now I understand why Apple rejected your app.

As an alternative idea I’d like to suggest to tell Siri to remember you on anything. It went right into reminder and further down the road into Taskpaper. This is what I use when I am on the road.


Or maybe write something more sophisticated with access to all task paper projects


Why wouldn’t you just use Drafts?


Reminders sync to my mac via iCloud and then I import into TaskPaper via the inbuilt Mac app feature.

To tell Siri something I have to shout it out, sometimes that’s not appropriate.

I am after a clean text input to just capture thoughts. There are a bunch of apps that are like TaskPaper on iOS. I however just wanted something with low cognitive load and would just save to somewhere I know I can get to later in TP.

It needs some work to get past rule 4.2 for sure.


On my iPhone/iPad I am using in case I need to access my Taskpaper list.

Edit: Mainly because it comes with a Taskpaper mode and nice styles.


+1 on Drafts, which is my front door for all things text


Naive question, but I don’t get Drafts. How would Drafts work with TaskPaper?


not naive, i only discovered it myself a year ago MacDrifter usually has some good articles on text based workflows

what works for me:
(1) situation: i have an action i know i need to record now or i will forget it
(2) open drafts on my iphone and jot it down
(3) at some point later, i run a drafts action to prepend the action to a selected taskpaper file, with “-” added; i use the Dropbox action step with fenced text expander snippets

i use a similar flow to add to my FoldingText/markdown notes or sending it to my work task management workflow, which has to be based on Windows unfortunately


It’s step (3) that trips me up. I have to navigate to the correct action, hope the internet where I am is not sketchy, and if everything goes well delete the text from drafts.

Am I missing something?

I can see step (3) as being workable if I run it from home (or another place where I’m likely to be processing todos). In that case, I’d be adding multiple texts (one per line) in one Drafts and have them somehow appended to a text file. This might be workable.

My use case for Drafts & TaskPaper: I don’t actually use TaskPaper as a task manager. I use it as an outliner, mostly for fiction. I have a taskpaper file with “ideas/issues” that I need to think through. What I do now is add these to my task manager and then sometime incorporate them to that file. I’d be happy to skip a few steps using Drafts :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s true, i assume dropbox is working properly in all of this. Luckily the draft is still in the deleted folder in case something goes wrong. More often than not i look in there because i selected the wrong action for a given draft.

I set my Drafts action to assume every line is a separate task item. I prepend because the top of my task files are the “top of my stack”. I then use Taskpaper/Taskmator to move them to their appropriate place in my backlog, they have good tools for incorporating tasks into projects

I do the same for my markdown notes files, which i edit in Editorial (iOS)/FoldingText(OSX)


From your description it sounds like Drafts actions can deleted a draft after processing it. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to look into it :slight_smile: