Initial comments

For a preview, it looks and feels great!

Although I am sure that you know this, help is missing when you click:

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.36.27 PM

If my cursor is in a child item:

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.37.39 PM

And I choose Collapse Items Completely from the Outline menu, nothing happens. Shouldn’t a complete collapse work with the cursor anywhere?

Thanks for trying it!

Help… yes on my list!

The expand/collapse commands action on the branch rooted at the current selection. So in this case they do nothing since “Test 2” doesn’t have any children. So working, but maybe a more complex command is needed.

In TaskPaper (and I guess probably many other outliners) the command is a bit less targeted, and if you ask to collapse an item that is already collapsed (or has no children) then it collapses that items parent. I could add that, but this seemed like the simplest starting option.

There’s also the option to add full “Expand All” and “Collapse All” commands that always work on all items no mater the selection.

You’re welcome! Thanks for making Bike!

Maybe consider renaming Collapse Items Completely to something like Collapse Branch Completely?

A question: in my second screenshot, should the triangle next to Test be pointing down? (to visually indicate that the branch is open)

No, Bike disclosure triangles aren’t supposed to rotate.

I want them to disappear into the background until you need them. I find that they are easier for my brain to ignore if they all look the same… ie they don’t have different rotation state.

To me this approach also makes the state that I do want to see (if there are hidden items or not) easier to pick out. I think black color vrs light grey is easier to see then comparing rotation state. (maybe I wasn’t so good at I.Q. test rotations). This approach also gets ride of the weird case where you can expand an item that doesn’t have children.

I’m copying this approach from

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I have the most minor of comments. I found a spelling error in your user guide under text editing:

Selection > Select World ( Control-W ) Expand selection to word boundaries. Probably should be Word

With that said, I will add that with one day’s use, Bike feels like coming home for this long-term Taskpaper3 user. I’ve been swimming in more complicated apps (aircraft carriers) and I feel so much at ease doing my initial thinking work in Bike. Good launch and great first impression, Jesse.