I am not getting checkboxes though it works properly

When I type a - for a checkbox I get 'Hi instead. Otherwise the TP3 preview looks good.

Do you have the font “Source Sans Pro” installed? … If you deactivate that on your Mac then does it work?

After disabling Source Sans Pro in FontBook the Taskpaper task lines turn into incomprehensible characters and symbols. The project and notes lines are unaffected.

Did you restart TaskPaper after disabling the font… anyway I guess I sorta know what the issue is now. TaskPaper embeds Source Sans Pro … but then that embedded version seems to conflict with user installed versions sometimes. I’m still not quite sure what the solutions is.

Restarting Taskpaper works! Thanks Jesse. The preview seems to work well now. I may comment more later.

If you get a chance can you send me jesse@hogbaysoftware.com the regular variant of the version of Source Code Pro that you had installed? I just installed fresh from Google Fonts and can’t seem to recreate the problem, I think maybe it’s when there are two different versions of Source Code Pro involved, one user installed and one from the app.

I don’t know if marksaur ever emailed you, Jesse, but I had the same issue when I had the latest “release” of Source Sans Pro from the Adobe Fonts GitHub page installed:

(At first I had an ancient–2012–version of Source Sans Pro installed, and the “checkbox” icon was a checkmark, and the “checked box” icon was a music note. Very confusing!)

So the latest version from their github page is not working? Where did you get a version that does work?

I figured it out. Anyone still having this issue can install Source Sans Pro from the following link:

Can you tell me what’s different in that link… I’m still not quite sure why this is happening? :smile:

I can’t tell you what the difference is, but I downloaded the latest version of Source Sans Pro from Font Squirrel at Source Sans Pro Font Free by Adobe » Font Squirrel and it did not solve the problem.

The version from Google did solve the problem. The only difference I can tell is that the Google version was a TrueType font (TTF) and the one from Font Squirrel was an Open Type Font (OTF). Could that be it?