Highlighting Text

I’m looking for the perfect outliner… and this looks like it’s getting real close! Great work.

I see subscribing gives me access to Rich Text Formatting, which is pretty much the only premium feature I’d require. It says it includes “Bold, Italic, Links, etc”. I’m wondering if the ‘etc’ includes highlighting text.

I paste in chunks of text into my outline from third party sources then mark up the text as part of my summarisation/review. Bold works for this, but it’s not nearly as visible as highlighting. Multiple colours are nice, but I tend not to need them.

⇧⌘H in Bike applies a standard HTML-style highlight.

It’s rendered in Bike as a yellow highlight, and corresponds to the HTML <mark> tag.

See, for example: The Mark Text element – HTML – Mozilla

The yellow highlight in text copied from Bike pastes directly into editors like Text Editor and Apple Mail.

For exporting through Pandoc to MS Word .docx, you can map the Bike highlights to MS Word yellow highlights by referencing a Lua snippet given here: