Future Feature Request: Complex OPML handling

Would love complex OPML handling (columns, notes). I’m sure this overlaps with other feature requests (Notes / _notes support for example). E.g. in this OPML where I have multiple columns.

I realize that this is both non-trivial and also may or may not be in your planned scope, but boy would it be amazing to have Bike support this.

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Also very interested in extensible column support. I have been reevaluating OmniOutliner recently and this is one of its best features.

In addition to the OP example, I like to add a “Date” and “Tags” column to very quickly get a journal with useful metadata. It can also be helpful for adding custom styling to be used in an export workflow, e.g. “Style” column with custom CSS. There is a ton of potential to use columns for scripting purposes as well.

I do expect Bike will over time support more attributes, such as tags or due date, etc. I don’t expect that it will get a open ended OmniOutliner style “columns” UI. Instead it might be more like TaskPaper where her defined attributes are mapped to tag/value pairs. Or maybe not… but columns are unlikely.

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Too bad, though I understand it may not be what you’re after conceptually. I only recently got hooked on this aspect and as far as I am aware, OmniOutliner and NeO (apparently back from the dead?) are the only desktop Mac apps which support it. It hits the sweet spot between a tree editor and a spreadsheet.

Key-value attributes are nifty as well so I look forward to seeing what develops regardless.

Example column types from NeO:

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